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The Concacaf Gold Cup opens tonight with Canada facing Martinique at the Rose Bowl.  Here are our  TOP 10 power rankings heading into the tournament:

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  1. MEXICO (Best Finish –  1st)
    • Players to watch – Jimenez, Guardado, Alvarez and Moreno

       2. USA (Best Finish- 1st)

    •  Players to watch- Pulisic, McKenie, Altidore, Steffen

       3. JAMAICA (Best Finish- 2nd)

    • Players to watch- Bailey, Blake, Lawrence, Hector

       4. COSTA RICA (Best Finish- 4th)

    • Players to watch-  Campbell, Ruiz, Duarte, Borges

       5. CANADA (Best Finish- 1st)

    • Players to watch- Davies,Cavallini, Hutchinson, Arfield

       6.  HONDURAS (Best Finish- 2nd)

    • Players to watch- Elis, Beckeles, Lozano, Izaguirre

       7.  PANAMA (Best Finish- 2nd)

    • Players to watch – Mujrilo, Torres, J Rodriguez, Barcenas

       8.   HAITI  (Best Finish- 7th)

    • Players to watch – Nazon, Arcus, Pierrot, Etienne

       9.  TRINIDAD (Best Finish- 3rd)

    • Players to watch-  Molini, Jones, Hyland, Garcia

     10.  Curacao  (Best Finish- 11th)

    • Players to watch- Bacuna, Nepomuceno, Hooi, Martina





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