Daily Fantasy Solutions started 5 years ago when a group of guys who had come together to share ideas and chat plays realized, “Hey, you know we are pretty good at this. Maybe we should sell lineups!”. The goal was always to help the average player compete with “the big boys”.

Fast forward to now and a lot has changed. Employees have come and gone, 1000’s of customers, some huge wins, some great times, some down times & everything in between. At the beginning of this year we made the decision to stop providing full lineups and instead provide cores with content.

That idea has changed and grown and is still evolving. We developed our industry best premium cheat sheets, free daily content & so much more. While the business model has changed, our goal has not. We are here to provide the average player the tools necessary to compete with the big boys.

Why make my own lineups?

With years of experience providing full lineups, I have heard all the reasons for people paying for full lineups. The most common are a lack of time, skill or tools. We are hear to show you that you DO have the time, skill and tools to succeed on your own!

By learning to make your own lineups, you cut out the need for a provider. You also give yourself a higher chance at the “big hit”. Since we made the switch to core plays/content, we have already had more VIP’s hit big in just the last few months than we did in over 4 years of providing full lineups (including a 28k win)! Reason is simple. No more splitting! Even when we did have big hits as lineup providers, our customers were splitting and cutting in to their profits.

How does it work?

Our concept is simple. For cash games, nail chalk! Our cheat sheets feature projected ownership, which can help you to recognize and/or predict chalk with ease. You don’t need to research for hours or really even research at all if you don’t want. Our cheat sheets do the work for you! For the smaller sports that don’t offer projected ownership, we provide daily writeups, which are quick and easy to read, to help you create quality lineups.

For GPP’s, we provide our daily GPP article, Mizmatches. Which come straight from our multi time 20K GPP winner, Mike “Miz”. Our team also features a professional DFS player who has many GPP takedowns to his name, including the Mayweather gpp where he got to meet Floyd himself!

How much does it cost?

That depends what you are looking for. We offer the ability to purchase any of our premium content individually for as little as 99 cents! Or you can purchase time passes to our website, $1.99 a day, $9.99 a week, $29.99 a month. You can also pay for a premium piece of content, like our PGA cheat sheet, for the entire season. Lastly, you can become a VIP & get access to everything on the website + our slack chat VIP room. VIP features; alert rooms, chat with the team, core plays for most sports, coaching & so much more!

If you have any more questions, please reach out to us on twitter at https://twitter.com/DFSolutionsteam.

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