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Who can believe that it’s already Week 6 of the inaugrial DraftKings/Arena Football League partnership? And the balls are flying and the scoreboards are lighting.

Each week we rank the top players in the AFL that can be used in this weekends DraftKings contests.  So let’s get started……


1.Tommy Grady – ALB ($10,000) Leads the AFL in passing TD’s (28) and completion percentage (71.7). And both are by large margins. Extremely reliable.  Only downfall is his rushing ability. Only unbeaten QB left. (Cash/GPP) CORE

2. Arvell Nelson – WAS ($10,600) The gunslinger of the league who always has legs. Leads the AFL in passing attempts/completions, yards thrown AND interceptions.   Leads the league in rushing yards and TD’s. and total TD’s. Last week 7 TD’s (5 passing/2 rushing). This is the game to show who is the #1 QB in the league.  (Cash/GPP)

Arvell Nelson

3. Dan Raudabaugh- PHL ($8,600). Second in the league in TD passes. Plays at home this week but with a possibly depleted receiving corps (Cash)

4. Shane Boyd – BAL ($7,800)  Top QB points per dollar.Value play in high scoring shootout. (Cash/GPP)

5. Grant Russell- CLB ($6,800)  Discount drops even further again this week ($7.2) for a minimum 24 point floor.  His monster game is coming (Cash/GPP)

6. Randy Hippeard- AC ($8,200) Worst QB in the league and his price goes up? (GPP)


1.Malachi Jones- ALB ($9,800).  Face of the league just keeps on doing what he does best– catch TD’s. MUST PLAY (Cash/GPP)  CORE

  •  Malachi Jones

2.Darius Prince – PHL ($9,400)  Top option of Raudabaugh and one of  most reliable. Rest of receivers are hurting.  Second in league in catches and third in yards (Cash/GPP)

3. Fabian Guerra- CLB ($10,400)- High salary will keep ownership down.  Capable of taking game over by himself.  Second in league with 9 touchdowns caught.  (GPP)

4. Kendrick Ings- AC ($9,200)- Coming into his own.  Averaging 40 points over last 2 games. Firmly entrenched as #2 behind Brown  (GPP)

5. Joe Hills -BAL ($8,000) The TD streak continues- 98 straight games. His price is finally where it should be.  Has been quiet all season  but can open up at any time.   (GPP)

6. Brandon Collins – BAL ($7,000)  Hills’ understudy ready to take over.  Destroyed AC just two weeks ago and gets to feed again.  (Cash/GPP) CORE

7. Lonnie Outlaw- PHL ($5,400) With Wascha out Outlaw slides into #2.  Big ceiling.  (GPP)

8. Lamark Brown- AC ($6,400)  Solid all-around play.  Unspectacular game last week will keep ownership down.  Where else can you find a #1 at $6,400.  (Cash/GPP)

9. Julian Lowe – CLB ($4,400) VALUE PLAY of the weekend.  Saw 12 targets last weekend.

10. Dezmon Epps- WAS ($7,400) We’ve seen the Boom and the Bust.  Text book GPP play.  Right matchup.  (GPP)


Quentin Sims- ALB ($6,200)

Antwane Grant- AC ($6,000)

Darius Reynolds – PHL ($5,600)

Milton Williams- BAL ($5,800)

Rashad Still- AC ($6,000)

Reggie Gray- WAS ($5,400)

Josh Reese – WAS ($5,000)

Tony Stevens – CLB ($2,600) HUGE VALUE if Stoshak out



1. Shane Boyd (BAL)

2. Arvell Nelson (WSH)

3. Malachi Jones (ALB)

4. Grant Russell (CLB)

5. Darius Prince (PHL)

6. Julian Lowe (CLB)

Shane Boyd (BAL)






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