AFL DFS Top Plays (07/11)

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Goals (6 pts)

Kick (3 pts)- They can “drop punt”, “snap” the ball so it goes sideways , “banana” away from the body or a “torpedo” which is like an NFL spiral kick. The ball can also be kicked while on the ground, “soccer off the ground.”

Mark (3 pts)- A completed catch of a ball

Handball (2 pts)- Passing the ball to a teammate with a clenched fist


Ruck- The tallest player, like an NBA center, whose job it is the win ruck contests. Ruck contests are like jump balls in basketball called “ball up”

Defenders- They play against the opposition forward and defend their goal

Midfielders- Possess the ball more than any other player, the playmakers


  • Key-Forwards- The tall offensive players. They mark the ball high and kick from all types of angles
  • Crumbing-Fowards- Quick and small; avoid tackles to score


  • Tackles are key. Good tacklers make up to 10 tackles a game (4 pts apiece)
  • The Ruckman that wins the “hit out” or jump ball receives a point. A good Ruckman will win up to 35 “hit outs” a game.
  • 90-100 points is an elite score. These usually come from the midfielders.

Full Slate Favorite Plays:


  • James Rowbottom – SYD (4.7K): Underpriced Forward with double digit disposals in every game so far.
  • Connor Rozee – POR (4.8K): Scored a goal in 3 straight games and features in the highest projected total on the slate. 85 pt upside in this matchup.
  • Brad Ebert – POR (6.8K): A premiere payup option if you can afford him. 5 goals, 5 behinds, and 83 disposals in 5 games. Should be in a position to hit 90+ tonight.


  • Dylan Stephens – SYD (3K): We have been a roll with our value plays this week and Stephens should continue that streak for us. The 5th overall pick is making his AFL debut tonight. He averaged 78 fps per contest in the SANFL(minor league) and projects to break the slate at those rates. LOCK HIM IN!
  • Jack Graham – RIC (4.7K): With two of Richmonds high usage midfielders out tonight(Prestia and Cotchin) he should get a signifcant increase in playing time tonight. The weather is going to make the field wet and messy which is perfect for Grahams aggressive style. I’d expect him to rack up points from tackles in this game.
  • Patrick Cripps – CAR (7.5K): Gets the benefit of facing the most fantasy friendly team on the slate to opposing midfielders. Floor of 75 fps and ceiling of 99+.


  • Aliir Aliir – SYD (4K): He 85% of the center bounces at Ruck last game and expects to yet again play majority of the game at ruck. That means we can get two rucks into our lineup with Aliir being listed a Defense. Richmond is one of the easiest matchups in the league for Rucks to score points, so he will be a core lock today.
  • Jake Lloyd – SYD (7.5K): As mentioned above, this is an elite matchup for Rucks and Defenders against the Tigers. He also has great history against Richmond with fantasy scores of 135, 125, 91, and 131 in his last four. He is worth the payup and definitely needs to be apart of your SYD stacks.
  • Sam Docherty – CAR (8.5K): He will be expensive but for large field tournaments you’re almost guaranteeing yourself 90 fps. BUL gives up the 5th most points this season to defenders and will have little chance of slowing down Docherty.


  • Ivan Soldo – RIC (5.7K): We mentioned with Aliir that he would be facing one of the most fantasy friendly teams in Richmond. However, on the other side, Soldo will be facing off against him and will get plenty of opportunities for hit outs in a wet game. While I like Aliir to score points, he is still inexperienced as a ruck and should yield a hefty amount of points to Soldo as well.
  • Marc Pittonet – CAR (5.4K): This is strictly a GPP Play as they’re underdogs but he is facing fellow ruck Tim English who is allowing a whopping 81 fppg to the position. Pittonet could have a huge ceiling game, win or lose.

Core Plays: Aliir Aliir, Dylan Stephens, Brad Ebert

Good Luck!!

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