AFL DFS Top Plays (07/18)

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Goals (6 pts)

Behind (1 pt)

Kick (3 pts)- They can “drop punt”, “snap” the ball so it goes sideways , “banana” away from the body or a “torpedo” which is like an NFL spiral kick. The ball can also be kicked while on the ground, “soccer off the ground.”

Mark (3 pts)- A completed catch of a ball

Handball (2 pts)- Passing the ball to a teammate with a clenched fist


Ruck- The tallest player, like an NBA center, whose job it is the win ruck contests. Ruck contests are like jump balls in basketball called “ball up”

Defenders- They play against the opposition forward and defend their goal

Midfielders- Possess the ball more than any other player, the playmakers


  • Key-Forwards- The tall offensive players. They mark the ball high and kick from all types of angles
  • Crumbing-Fowards- Quick and small; avoid tackles to score


  • Tackles are key. Good tacklers make up to 10 tackles a game (4 pts apiece)
  • The Ruckman that wins the “hit out” or jump ball receives a point. A good Ruckman will win up to 35 “hit outs” a game.
  • 90-100 points is an elite score. These usually come from the midfielders.

Full Slate Favorite Plays:


  • Christian Petracca – MEL (6.8K): Petracca finds himself listed as one of our top forwards every slate because he just keeps producing. Fresh off another solid performance of 2 goals, 25 disposals and a tackle for 89 fantasy points. He gets a favorable matchup against HAW and there should be another 90+ fps performance in the cards. The price has also dropped making him a lock in all formats.
  • Matt Taberner – FRE (4.5K): I prefer to play cheap forwards with big goal scoring upside when possible. Taberner fits the mold as he has 9 goals, 7 behinds, and 61 disposals on the season. WCE is giving up the 4th most points to Taberner’s position solidifying his place in our lineups.
  • Jack Gunston – HAW (5.3K): Gunston has been a solid source of fantasy points for his cheap price amassing 8 goals, 9 behinds, 43 disposals and 12 tackles so far this season. Gunston should continue his hot start to the season in a game that has the closest projected spread of the night.


  • Elliot Yeo – WCE (6.9K): WCE is the biggest favorite of the night so expect West Coast stacks to be heavily owned tonight. Yeo is a solid piece to include in your stacks with season totals of 109 disposals and 37 tackles.
  • Sam Mayes – POR (3.3K): The former #8 draft pick played in minor league last year after inconsistent play back in 2018 that led him to being traded. He will get another shot at the “Big league” and draws a favorable matchup against CAR. This is the type of play that could end up winning you a GPP if he pops off because he will draw low ownership and casual dfs players will have no idea about his history.
  • Tom Mitchell – HAW (7.5K): Mitchell showed out last week despite his team getting blown out and proved to me that he could still play like his old self. 33 disposals, 7 marks and 1 tackle for 102 fantasy points are eye popping numbers and I’ll have him in most of my lineups tonight.


  • MEL Defenders: One of the best matchups for fantasy purposes each week is Defenders against HAW and we will continue to exploit it. You can essentially run any of the defenders for MEL tonight that salary allows but I’d recommend taking one value guy(like McDonald or Lever) and one upper tier guy(like Salem or Hibberd).
  • Will Day – HAW (3.1K): 16 tackles and 2 disposals in his debut for 58 points. Projects as one of the highest projected values on the slate if usage stays the same.
  • Sam Docherty – CAR (7.5K): Highest priced defender but expected low ownership makes him an intriguing play with a 90 fppg average. He has a 140 disposals on the season and could propel you to the top of gpps with his 100 point ceiling.


  • Max Gawn – MEL (9.3K): Gawn is a monster and one of the top Rucks in the AFL. It’s a steep price but for tournaments it’s sure a great feeling knowing you have a guy that drop 130 points on any given night. The matchup isn;’t great on paper for rucks but Gawn is obviously matchup proof.
  • Ben McEvoy – HAW (5K): Ceglar is out injured so McEvoy has taken over as the #1 ruck which honestly was going to happen anyway with him outplaying Ceglar across the board. The matchup is far from a slam dunk but 5K for a solo ruck is too appealing to pass up.
  • Nic Naitanui – WCE (6K): Naitanui gets the best matchup for rucks on this slate. His floor has been pretty spotty which may keep his ownership low but I like him for around 80ish points tonight making him one of the top plays for his price.

Full Slate Core: Christian Petracca/Michael Hibberd(or any MEL defender)/Sam Mayes

Showdown Slate Core: Matt Taberner/Nic Naitanui/Elliot Yeo

Good Luck!!

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