AFL DFS Top Plays (07/20)

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Goals (6 pts)

Behind (1 pt)

Kick (3 pts)- They can “drop punt”, “snap” the ball so it goes sideways , “banana” away from the body or a “torpedo” which is like an NFL spiral kick. The ball can also be kicked while on the ground, “soccer off the ground.”

Mark (3 pts)- A completed catch of a ball

Handball (2 pts)- Passing the ball to a teammate with a clenched fist


Ruck- The tallest player, like an NBA center, whose job it is the win ruck contests. Ruck contests are like jump balls in basketball called “ball up”

Defenders- They play against the opposition forward and defend their goal

Midfielders- Possess the ball more than any other player, the playmakers


  • Key-Forwards- The tall offensive players. They mark the ball high and kick from all types of angles
  • Crumbing-Fowards- Quick and small; avoid tackles to score


  • Tackles are key. Good tacklers make up to 10 tackles a game (4 pts apiece)
  • The Ruckman that wins the “hit out” or jump ball receives a point. A good Ruckman will win up to 35 “hit outs” a game.
  • 90-100 points is an elite score. These usually come from the midfielders.

Showdown Slate Top/Favorite Plays:


  • Tim Membrey – STK (5.4K): The floor is lower than what you’d like at this price Membrey is a goal scoring machine with 9 goals and 4 behinds so far in the early part of the season. As a scoring forward the disposals won’t be great but this is an elite matchup for his player archetype and has slate breaking upside tomorrow.
  • Dean Kent – STK (4.7K): Scored 70+ in 2 of his last 3 games. Cheap forward with scoring upside? You know the drill, roll him out there and enjoy the cheap source of points.
  • Tom Lynch – ADE (5.7K): The only forward I have interest in for the Crows today. He has a solid floor of around 70 fps but should attract a lot of attention from the other team. Double digit disposals in every game so far this season.


  • Ryan Byrnes – STK (3.4K): Making his AFL debut tonight after averaging 25 disposals per game in the NAB League(19 and under AFL mionor league). THere is some question marks surrounding how much time he will get but at near min price he is worth the risk and it allows you to fit some additional studs.
  • Jack Steele – STK (8.4K): The Crows are #1 in fantasy points allowed to midfielders making Steele well worth his premium price tag. He has 3 games of 98+ fps this season already and is averaging a paltry 6 tackles per game to go along with 20.5 disposals. Elite play tonight.
  • Zak Jones – STK (6.8K): Another midfielder in a great spot with 100 fps upside tonight. Stack STK midfielders and move on.


  • Will Hamill – ADE (3.3K): Hamill is now fully healthy after suffering a concussion a few weeks back. At near min price he touches the ball enough to warrant consideration and has 45+ fps upside here. He had 12 disposals and 3 tackles last game and should put up something similar today against an STK team that is middle of the pack against the position.
  • Callum Wilkie – STK (4.4K): Wilkie plays an aggressive style that could give ADE trouble today. He has 9 tackles and 84 disposals in 6 games this year while hovering around the 60 fantasy point mark in most contests.
  • Rory Laird – ADE (6.3K): Top payup at the defender position today. Consistently putting up double digit disposals and has 13 tackles on the year. Will be busy today with STK likely pushing the pace on offense.


  • Reilly O’ Brien – ADE (8K): On showdown slates you want to roll out the solo ruck to maximize your upside so O’Brien is a lock for us tomorrow. 2 games of 100+ fps and should be a safe bet for a floor of 80 in this matchup. Rowan Marshall and Paddy Ryder will cannibalize each other since they’re sharing the ruck duties tonight so it’s a pretty clear fade for me.

Showdown Slate Core: Jack Steele, Tim Membrey, Ryan Byrnes

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