AFL DFS Top Showdown Plays (07/16)

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Goals (6 pts)

Behind (1 pt)

Kick (3 pts)- They can “drop punt”, “snap” the ball so it goes sideways , “banana” away from the body or a “torpedo” which is like an NFL spiral kick. The ball can also be kicked while on the ground, “soccer off the ground.”

Mark (3 pts)- A completed catch of a ball

Handball (2 pts)- Passing the ball to a teammate with a clenched fist


Ruck- The tallest player, like an NBA center, whose job it is the win ruck contests. Ruck contests are like jump balls in basketball called “ball up”

Defenders- They play against the opposition forward and defend their goal

Midfielders- Possess the ball more than any other player, the playmakers


  • Key-Forwards- The tall offensive players. They mark the ball high and kick from all types of angles
  • Crumbing-Fowards- Quick and small; avoid tackles to score


  • Tackles are key. Good tacklers make up to 10 tackles a game (4 pts apiece)
  • The Ruckman that wins the “hit out” or jump ball receives a point. A good Ruckman will win up to 35 “hit outs” a game.
  • 90-100 points is an elite score. These usually come from the midfielders.

Favorite Plays:


  • Brody Mihocek – COL (4.6K): Last slate I listed Mihocek as our top forward value and he responded with a 74 fantasy point outburst at just 4.3K including another 4 goals. His price has come up only 300 and I expect him to add to his 12 goals in 6 games total.
  • Callum Brown – COL (3.6K): Brown stands out as a cheap forward with a solid floor thanks to 6 straight games of double digit disposals. He has also added 4 goals during that stretch along with 2 behind scores.
  • Tom Hawkins – GEE (6.4K): After a relatively slow start to the season Hawkins has smashed the last two games with 5 goals, 3 behind scores, and 26 disposals. This is an 8K player priced way too cheap. I’m all over Hawkins tonight.


  • Rupert Wills – COL (5.1K): The weather tonight is expected to be wet and that suits Wills aggressive playstyle just fine. He averages 5 tackles and 3.5 clearances(clearing the ball out of a stoppage situation via throw in or ball-up) per game. He has also added 35 disposals in 2 games played. He has the potential to fly under the radar a bit tonight.
  • Taylor Adams – COL (7.6K): Adams has been a monster so far this season averaging almost 6 tackles per game to go along with 6 clearances. He has hit double digit disposals in every game thus far this season with a high of 105 fantasy points. A premium pay up that is more than worth the price tag.
  • Sam Simpson – GEE (5.5K): We absolutely nailed Sam at low ownership last time he was on the slate as he responded with 102 fps 3.2K. His price has jumpe up to 5.5K but it’s worth going back to him as he is going to be a clear goto player for this team. 27 clearances last game was just absurd and there is a good chance this current price will end up looking silly for him when the slate is over.


  • Isaac Quaynor – COL (3.8K): Made his season debut last week and posted solid numbers(15 disposals and 51 fantasy points). Value plays will be needed to fit Grundy at ruck and he can crack this tag with another 50+ score.
  • Zach Tuohy – GEE (5.7K): COL is giving up over 78 fps per game to the defender position and that is right around Zach’s ceiling thus far with a floor of around 65. Solid price, solid performer, lock him into your cash lineups.
  • Harry Taylor – GEE (4.1K): Another cheap defender that only needs to hit around 48 to hit value. With this being a plus matchup, I don’t mind running Taylor in GEE stacks tonight or as a stand alone value to fit Grundy.


  • Brodie Grundy – COL (9K): The price is insanely high but Grundy is one of the best Rucks in the game and has hit 99+ fps in 4 of the first 6 games. With tonights game having lots of rain expected that usually leads to more stoppages. This helps Grundy as it will lead to more hit-out opportunities. Grundy is averaging 34.5 hit outs per contest and faces a Geelong team allowing one of the highest point total to Rucks in the league. Don’t make the mistatke of getting cute here, roll Grundy and enjoy your 100 spot.

Core Plays: Brodie Grundy, Brody Mihocek, Zach Tuohy

Good Luck!!

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