AFL DFS Top Showdown Plays (07/23)

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Goals (6 pts)

Behind (1 pt)

Kick (3 pts)- They can “drop punt”, “snap” the ball so it goes sideways , “banana” away from the body or a “torpedo” which is like an NFL spiral kick. The ball can also be kicked while on the ground, “soccer off the ground.”

Mark (3 pts)- A completed catch of a ball

Handball (2 pts)- Passing the ball to a teammate with a clenched fist


Ruck- The tallest player, like an NBA center, whose job it is the win ruck contests. Ruck contests are like jump balls in basketball called “ball up”

Defenders- They play against the opposition forward and defend their goal

Midfielders- Possess the ball more than any other player, the playmakers


  • Key-Forwards- The tall offensive players. They mark the ball high and kick from all types of angles
  • Crumbing-Fowards- Quick and small; avoid tackles to score


  • Tackles are key. Good tacklers make up to 10 tackles a game (4 pts apiece)
  • The Ruckman that wins the “hit out” or jump ball receives a point. A good Ruckman will win up to 35 “hit outs” a game.
  • 90-100 points is an elite score. These usually come from the midfielders.

Favorite Plays:


  • Izak Rankine – GCS (4.9K): I had heavy exposure to Izak last slate against Melbourne and he did not disappoint with a 72 fantasy point explosion. He is making up for lost time after missing all of last season due to injury. In 2 games this year he has 5 goals, 5 behinds, 28 disposals, and 7 tackles. Forwards have been smashing BUL and Rankine could provide us with a slate breaking performance. The only real issue is that the game could be sloppy due to expected wet weather conditions but his upside is just far too high to fade here.
  • Nick Holman – GCS (3.3K): Ridiculously low price for a guy with 25 tackles and 64 disposals. He isn’t much of a goal threat but his tackling numbers give him an extremely safe floor which is helped by potentially wet weather.
  • Cody Weightman – BUL (3.7K): Debuted last week with a productive 2 goals, 1 behind, 9 disposals and 3 marks. He makes a nice gpp pivot off the chalkier GCS forwards.


  • Hugh Greenwood – GCS (7.7K): Hugh finds himself featured in our highlighted plays often. He had a monster fantasy game against SYD with 23 disposals and 12(WOW) tackles leading to 109 fantasy points. I suspect he will be popular coming off a game like that and this is a spot to just eat the chalk. He is good chalk due to the fact that his tackling upside is insanely high because of the wet weather. Lock him in.
  • David Swallow – GCS (6.7K): With Matthew Rowell out, Swallow posted a 1 Goal, 2 behind, 22 disposal, and 6 tackle stat line for 98 fantasy points. I’m going to do everything I can to fit both Swallow and Greenwood into all of my lineups as they represent a potential 200 points between them.
  • Bailey Smith – BUL (6.3K): Averaging 20 disposals, 4 tackles and 2 marks per game to go along with 2 goals/3 behinds scored on the season. He is underpriced considering he is one of the more consistent options on this team with 3 games of 90+ fantasy points.


  • Sam Collins – GCS (3.5K): Solid value play against a fantasy friendly BUL team. Collins has 70 disposals, 36 marks, and 11 tackles on the season.
  • Lachie Weller – GCS (6.5K): A slam dunk option if you can afford him. 27 total tackles on the season and his playstyle would benefit greatly from a messy weather game. Has scored 70+ fps in 4 of 7 games.
  • Bailey Williams – BUL (5K): 104 disposals on the season to go along with 30 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal. Active defender that will likely be busy with the amount of firepower on the otherside.


  • Tim English – BUL (8.9K): Another player that shows up in our top plays weekly. Flashed his massive upside with 114 fps after a stellar 22 disposals, 7 marks, 4 tackles, and 16 hitouts. As we have learned from previous showdowns, anytime you can roster a ruck with 100+ upside you just lock him in and move on.

Core Plays: Izak Rankine, Hugh Greenwood, Nick Holman

*The slate takes place late weds/early thursday so If there are any changes with the starting lineup we will be sure to update them here!*

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