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The complete game by a starting pitcher has gone the way of the dinosaur With starting pitchers almost regularly being pulled after 5 innings bullpens have become more and more important in the DFS world.  A tactical way to get a jump on your opponent is to know which bullpens can be targeted for your offense.  Here is a list of the WORST Bullpens in the MLB for tonight. Rankings were derived by using XFIP

18.  Rangers

17. Marlins

16. Cubs

15. Braves

14.  Pirates

13.  Nationals

12.  Cardinals

11.  White Sox

10.  A’s 

9.  Rays

8.  Angels

7.  Rockies

6. Diamondbacks

5.  Phillies

4.   Mets


3.  Yankees

2.  Red Sox

1  .Dodgers








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