CBLOL – 2020 Split 2 7/12

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CBLOL is also in Summer Split. This is the professional league in Brazil and they tend to be higher kill and more chaotic than the other leagues. This is also best of 1.



Prodigy E-Sports vs INTZ

Don’t look now but my boys from Prodigy have won 3 games in a row! Granted they beat Furia, VK, and Flamengo but I’ll take it. This PRG team can be hyper aggressive and I like them to pull the upset today against INTZ. FNB is playing like his old carry self again and Tay simply isn’t good enough to be able to handle him. Give me PRG in a high kill victory.

PRG: Everyone
INTZ: Envy, Micao

Pain Gaming vs KABUM

Pain Gaming was upset yesterday despite posting 17 kills. KBM beat doormat of the league Furia but only had 7 kills. These are two teams with big talent gaps. Pain Gaming is the best team in the league and also the elite option of the DFS slate. KBM should get smacked here as PNG plays a swarming style of LOL that can be intimidating for teams that aren’t aggressive by nature. Earlier this split PNG beat KBM 21-12 in kills with eacgh member of Pain scoring 30+ fps. Lock them in and move on.

PNG: Everyone
KBM: Fade

Vivo Keyd vs Flamengo E-Sports

VK is using Drop at ADC over Klaus because of how terrible he has been. Both of these teams have terrible macro games and this one actually has potential to turn into a fiesta(high kill game). I’m leaning towards Flamengo here but with 4 straight losses it’s hard to be confident in them. The big offseason signing was Bvoy and he just hasn’t made a big difference yet.

VK: Minerva, Drop
FLA: Bankai, Goku

Furia vs Santos E-Sports

This is a total stay away spot unfortauntely. Santos has changed their lineup 4 straight games and I’m not confident enough to try and guess who starts today. I am hoping we get the announcement before lock and I will update this article once we do. On paper, Santos gets the best matchup as Furia dies a ton. Rainbow and Jackpot are the two locks if you use Santos because they’ve played every game. Jackpot played mid lane yesterday while Rainbow played Jungler. If we get Jackpot as a midlaner again today with top lane eligibility he would be an interesting one off for our lineups as a possible captain. SAN also used Aryze in the top lane today so they are doing some major experimenting with their lineups right now. Furia is terrible and I’ll continue fading them without fear.

FUR: Fade
SAN: Jackpot, Rainbow

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