CBLOL – 2020 Split 2 7/19

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CBLOL is also in Summer Split. This is the professional league in Brazil and they tend to be higher kill and more chaotic than the other leagues. This is also best of 1.



Vivo Keyd vs Furia Esports

This is basically a coin flip game with the 2nd highest kill total on the slate. VK is still terrible this split but Minerva and Drop have been the bright spots for this team and with Furia having the 4th most deaths in the league there will be opportunities for them to pad their stats. On the Furia side the mid/bot lane has had to hard carry each and every game and teams have just begun to ban out their best champions. This makes it tough for Furia because Tyrin and St1ng are basically useless lately. I think VK wins this one and since both teams make an ungodly amount of mistakes there is a strong likelihood of being a higher kill game.

VK: Minerva, Drop
FUR: Anyyy, Alternative, Damage

Kabum E-Sports vs INTZ

Kabum lost yesterday despite holding a 24-17 kill lead. This is a squad that likes to fight and has been a top DFS target all split. They face an INTZ squad that quite frankly is way worse than their record shows. The overall individual stats for this team don’t catch my attention at all and KBM should win this one going away with 20+ kills.

KBM: Everyone
ITZ: Fade

Santos E-Sports vs Flamengo E-Sports

The synergy between Bvoy and his teammates has improved greatly over the last few weeks and they’re looking like a team that is going to push their way into the playoffs on a hot streak. Santos is going the opposite direction with 3 straight losses. They remind me a lot of Team Dynamics as a team that took the split by storm and then the rest of the league figured them out. Santos has experimented with different lineup combos recently and it’s caused their chemistry to suffer. I’m a big fan of Bankai as he fits the cblol style perfectly which rewards hyper aggressive top laners that are capable of hard carrying games. Goku and Bvoy are also elite options today if you can fit them. Flamengo takes care of business in a wire to wire victory.

SAN: Hyoga, Rainbow
FLA: Everyone

Prodigy E-Sports vs Pain Gaming

I’ve been a huge fan of PRG since last split and love the way they play this aggressive style of LOL. They’ve won 5 straight games and are suddenly back in the playoff hunt. They will be tested against the #1 team in the league PNG. On paper this should be a romp for Pain as they have an advantage in every major objective category. But this is a different PRG team lately and I think this game ends up being closer than most will expect. I lean PNG for cash builds but think exposure to PRG is a must if you’re running multiple lineups. fnb is always a great one off because of his lane domination while the Cariok/Tinowns/brTT trio is worth stacking in all formats due to their high KP rates.

PRG: FNB, Yampi
PNG: Everyone

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