CBLOL – 2020 Split 2 7/5

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CBLOL is also in Summer Split. This is the professional league in Brazil and they tend to be higher kill and more chaotic than the other leagues. This is also best of 1.



Santos E-Sports vs Kabum E-Sports

This is an intriguing matchup between Jackpot/Hyoga and Yang/Revolta. Both duos have great synergy and do a great job limiting mistakes. The matchup will be determined by who wins out up top. Give me Kabum in a small upset.

SAN: Jackpot/Hyoga/Rainbow
KBM: Yang/Revolta

Furia vs Flamengo E-Sports

I’ve mentioned in previous writeups that Furia has been terrible against the top lane and faces one of the very best in the cblol today in Bankai. He had 9 kills against Furia last time and I’ll be close to all in on him again in this matchup. Furia is pretty much a full fade as they offer very little in this matchup aside from dying a lot. Flamengo wins in a romp.

FUR: Fade
FLA: Bankai(top play)/Ranger/Goku

Prodigy E-Sports vs Vivo Keyd

Both of these teams have been huge disappointments this split as VK has struggled to adapt to the new meta and PRG has struggled with objective control. fnb is one of the best top laners in this league when he is on and this is a matchup that I think he shows out. With PRG being a slight dog they should draw very little ownership and make it easy to stack them with a top team like Flamengo or Pain Gaming today. PRG channels their better days and pulls the on paper upset of VK.

PRG: fnb/Yampi/Garo/Wos
VK: Minerva

Pain gaming vs ITZ

PNG is the class of the CBLOL this split and the first time they played ITZ they stomped in a 18-3 kill win. I expect more of the same today and you need to be stacking PNG in your cash games and main lineups. PNG with a 20+ kill win today, book it.

PNG: Everyone
ITZ: Fade

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