CS:GO (CS Summit) 7/5

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We made it! Today marks the grand final’s for both the North American and Europe regions. Important to note that both Vitality and Evil Geniuses will be starting with an automatic 1 map advantage as a reward for making their way through the top bracket (this is how CSGO handles things instead of forcing the lower bracket team to win 2 in a row). This obviously gives a big advantage to those teams. Also important to note that the final’s are best of 5. Let’s dig in!


Vitality Vs. BIG

A rematch from last round, Vitality will be starting with a 1 map advantage in this best of 5 final. Obviously considering the 1 map advantage, Vitality are favored here at -222. We know the deal with Vitality by now. ZywOo is the top play on the slate while shox and RpK have been the 2 most consistent options behind him.

BIG picked up their revenge against OG last round to earn a rematch with Vitality here. The 1 map disadvantage is a tough one to overcome, but not impossible. Actually we saw BIG do just that in the DreamHack Masters where they started with a 0-1 map disadvantage against G2, who ironically had beaten them just days earlier. Could we see the exact same scenario play out here? Certainly BIG are a team capable of it. Per usual, the trio of syrsoN, tabseN and XANTARES are the plays here. XANTARES is especially cheap here.

Consider: ZywOo, shox (Cash/GPP) RpK (Value) tabseN, syrsoN (Cash/GPP) XANTARES (Value)

Prediction: 3-2 Vitality

Evil Geniuses Vs. Gen.G

A similar setup to our first match, these 2 met during the tournament with EG winning 2-0. That was actually the 2nd sweep in a row for EG over Gen.G in the matter of a month. EG also come in having won 6 straight and of course the 1 map advantage here. So not a surprise to see them favored pretty comfortably here at -526. EG are very affordable here, so expect the full stack to be chalk with Brehze, CeRq, Ethan and tarik being the plays.

Not really sure what Draftkings is doing with Gen.G’s pricing here. BnTeT and autimatic are priced very aggressively at 8k and 9k respectively. There is no way I am playing either in cash at that price and being the biggest dogs on the slate. GPP only MME stack here.

Consider: Brehze, CeRq, Ethan (Cash/GPP) tarik (Value)

Prediction: 3-1 Evil Geniuses

Good luck!

Note: Bold indicates a stronger lean for that player. All stats are over the course of the last 3 months.

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