CS:GO (CS Summit NA) 6/22

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After this mornings huge 8 game slate, we get a solid 4 game late slate. Just like the morning slate, this is cs_summit 6 qualifying but this slate is the North America Region. Best of 3 once again. Lets dig in!


Cloud9 Vs. New England Whalers

Cloud9 are the biggest favorites on the slate at -833, which will automatically make them popular. floppy and oSee lead the way here while motm is a cheaper option and Sonic is viable as well, though I prefer the savings of motm.

As the biggest dogs, they are not cash viable. These 2 did meet in April and while the Whalers got swept 0-2, they did compete, winning 11 and 13 rounds. They are a decent upside gpp stack with PwnAlone the clear top option (He finished with a 1.56 rating in their match in April).

Consider: floppy, oSee, motm, Sonic (Cash/GPP)

Prediction: 2-0 Cloud9

Triumph Vs. Yeah

Triumph are -588 favorites and headlined by Grim. Grim is in a similar situation to a player like ZywOo where he is by far the best player on his team and carries a huge load.

better GPP stacks on the slate but if running MME, dumau and RCF are the plays.

Consider: Grim, Junior, Spongey (Cash/GPP) curry, Shakezullah (Value)

Prediction: 2-0 Triumph

Envy Vs. TeamOne

At -238, Envy are the smallest favorites on the slate. They are headlined by a very strong duo in Calyx and MICHU. Nifty is viable as well while moose is a viable value.

As the smallest dogs on the slate, TeamOne make for a strong GPP stack, headlined by b4rtiN who has the biggest ceiling of any GPP play. He can be paired with pesadelo and Maluk3.

Consider: Calyx, MICHU, nifty (Cash/GPP) moose (Value)

Prediction: 2-1 Envy

MIBR Vs. Chaos

MIBR are -625 favorites here, 2nd largest on the slate. But the question here is, how are they mentally? MIBR are fresh off a loss to EG in which finishing 2nd cost them nearly 100k in winnings. They are also very aggressively priced here and take on a Chaos team that is talented. Fallen, kNgV- and fer are the plays here.

Note: mCe’s 3 month stats are huge but they were a tiny sample size. I instead grabbed his 2020 stats, which while still small, are a better representation of his career stats. For Chaos, Xeppaa is a high upside GPP play while leaf is the top punt on the slate, even being a large dog. His ratings are those of a top priced player yet he is 3rd cheapest player on the slate.

Consider: Fallen, kNgV-, fer (Cash/GPP) leaf (Punt)

Prediction: 2-1 Chaos

Good luck!

Note: Bold indicates a stronger lean for that player. All stats are over the course of the last 3 months.

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