CS:GO ESL April 6

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Astralis vs Fnatic

Although Astralis came into yesterday winners in 4 of 5 and 7 of 10, they stumbled out of the gates against NaVi to put them at 0-1 to start the group while fnatic, winners of 2 straight and 5 of 6 overall, rallied back once again against FaZe to secure a victory. These two teams and organizations have been staples in CS so their head-to-head results are one of the crazier ones you’ll see, with Astralis winning 66-60. Despite that seeming close, Astralis has won 6 straight maps against them, along with 22 of their last 25. In those recent match-ups, device has gone +12, +19 and +9. As we stated yesterday, that’s no surprise as he’s historically one of the top 3 players in the game with the 2nd-best rating all-time at 1.16. He’s gone negative just 6 times over his last 28 maps and, after a loss, should respond well. dupreeh remains in great form, having just 2 negative maps over his last 13 and has posted 17 or more kills in all but 1 of those maps. Xyp9x kept up his play yesterday and has now gone positive in 11 of his last 13 maps and has 17 or more frags in 12 of those while winning 12 of his last 15 clutches, which is to be expected. Both of these teams have balanced lineups throughout and have contributions from the majority of their players. The ones they don’t at times, Golden and gla1ve, contribute off of the scoreboard as they’re the strat callers and leaders of the teams.

For fnatic, KRIMZ has gone negative just 16 times over his last 45 maps and has tallied 17 or more kills in 19 of his last 29 games. JW has gone negative in just 10 of his last 26 maps and as an awper, is always worth a look in fantasy given the usual k/d ratios associated with the role. Brollan, probably their most gifted player, has breakout potential in general, though not so much here, and has posted 20 or more frags in 12 of his last 22 games while winning 7 clutches in a row. After Astralis’ slip up yesterday and their recent and continued dominance lately of fnatic, it’s hard to confidently recommend any fnatic players in this one.

Consider: device, dupreeh, Xyp9x


Astralis vs Fnatic

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