CS:GO ESL April 8

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mouz enter this game top of the group at 3-0 while fnatic are 2-1 and could join them there with a victory here. mouz have won 6 in a row overall and own a 7-2 head-to-head record in the match-up. fnatic, despite dropping their bo3 against OG yesterday, have won 6 of their last 8. In recent match-ups against one another, ropz has put together series of: +29, +13, +15 and +31 while frozen, outside of one bad series at -10, has gone +18, +10 and +17. These should come as no surprise if you’ve read any of our past articles as mouz have relied on these two more often than not and they have delivered. Yesterday in another victory, frozen was +13 and ropz +5. ropz has gone negative just 8 times over his last 38 maps and has the 3rd-best rating over the last 3 months while frozen has gone negative just 6 times over his last 39 maps and has 20 or more kills in 12 of his last 18.

In Fnatic’s most recent game versus Mouz, Brollan was +13 and he’s someone that has had a high ceiling for fnatic, posting 20 or more kills in 17 of his last 28 games while securing 10 clutches in a row. KRIMZ, a more consistent piece, has gone negative just 18 times over his last 51 maps. A little clash in styles here should provide a decent game.


mousesports vs Fnatic

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