CS:GO ESL April 9

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FaZe vs OG

This game has two teams with nothing to play for other than a little pride as they are both eliminated. They’re both at the bottom of the group with FaZe at 0-4 and OG at 1-3. FaZe, losers of 4 in a row of 6 of their last 9, own a 2-0 head-to-head record over OG. In that match-up, NiKo was +16, broky +12 and coldzera +10. Those are the 3 players we’ve continued to write about throughout these articles. NiKo, after an absurd +31 yesterday in a 1-2 loss to NaVi, has posted a negative ratio just 8 times out of his last 39 games and has 20 or more frags in 15 of his last 21 while winning 14 of his last 17 clutches. He owns the 9th-best k/d ratio of all-time and the 7th-best kills per round. coldzera has seen a negative scoreline just 11 times over the course of 45 maps and has tallied 18 or more kills in 12 of his last 18 while securing 17 of his last 22 clutch attempts. He has the 5th-best rating of all-time and the 4th-best k/d ratio to go along with the 6th-most multi-frag rounds ever in the game. broky has gone positive in 15 of his last 19 and has 17 or more kills in 22 of his last 30 while winning 23 of his last 28 clutches.

OG, despite having an unimpressive record, had some good results for a newer squad until yesterday when they weren’t really able to get their footing in an 0-2 loss against Astralis. They rely a lot on mantuu’s consistency as an awper as he has gone positive in 20 of his last 24 maps and won 16 of 22 clutches while posting a 64.8% success rate on opening kills. Their top rifler, valde, has gone negative just 18 times over his last 43 maps but there’s a reason to be hesitant here given the match-up and the fact that he’s gone negative in 5 of his last 7. FaZe should handle OG fairly easily as they’re essentially a better version of them.


FaZe vs OG

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