CS:GO ESL/FP April 11

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Astralis vs mousesports

The winner of this one advances to the Grand Final and the loser is eliminated. Head-to-head is 3-2 Astralis and their latest match-up was a slaughter in favor of Astralis, 16-1, 16-3. They've put together 3 straight wins after dropping their first 2 while mouz has dropped 2 straight after winning 6 in a row. ropz has gone negative just 9 times over his last 42 maps and has the 3rd-best rating over their last 3 months while posting the 5th-most multi-frag rounds which has him securing them at a 52.4% rate. They'll need both him and frozen, who has gone negative just 10 times over his last 43 maps (though 4 straight negative ratios after having 12 straight positive ones) and is putting up the 11th-most damage per round online all-time at 86.4, to get back to form if they plan on competing.

For Astralis, it's generally a team effort as far as frag distribution. Consistently, device and dupreeh show up for them. device has cs:go's 2nd-best all-time player rating and has a negative ratio just 6 times over his last 39 games, including 18 straight without a negative one. dupreeh has gone negative only 3 times over his last 22 games and put up 17 or more frags in all but 4 of those maps and has the 11th-best k/d ratio of all-time. Recently, it's been Magisk. He has posted 8 of 9 positive maps and has 3 straight with a +10 or better ratio, including +25 last series against mousesports.

April 9th H2H Result

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Astralis vs mousesports

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