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CS:GO ESL-FP April 5

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MiBR vs Gen.G

Another bye-securing match-up here. mibr owns a 4-1 record head-to-head while Gen.G has won 11 of their last 14 matches. We’ve preached about the consistency of autimatic and that was once again on display yesterday. Over his last 43 maps, just 9 of those are negative and he has 17 or more kills in 20 of his last 22 games while owning the 14th-best rating on opening kills over the last 3 months. koosta is showing great form as he’s gone negative just 2 times in his last 10 maps while posting 19 or more frags in 8 of his last 10 and winning 7 of his last 9 clutches. In his most recent bo3’s against mibr, he’s gone +7 and +8 so that bodes well for him as well.

We’ve been kNgV- fanboys since the start and he’s done nothing but boost that belief. One of the game’s premier players, especially online and in current form, he’s gone negative just 1 time over his last 12 games, which was -1 and in his latest bo3’s against Gen.G, he has posted a +21 and +9 stat line.


CS:GO Odds 4/5/2020

HAVU vs Cloud9

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Vhglbwxk: zSvdp (UDD – $7,600), rxabbk (Trjy+XGG – $7,800), t…

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