CS:GO (Malta Vibes) 7/23

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We close out the Malta Vibes group stage action with Group D. Once again, these are best of 1. Let’s dig in!

Vegas Odds

Team Odds Team Odds
Syman -400 lvlUP +277
Natus Vincere Junior -244 Izako Boars +181

Syman vs lvlUP

Courtesy of HLTV.org

Syman doesn’t have the best numbers, with only 1 player having a positive KDR. But, at -400 and against a team in lvlUP who are ranked #50 spots below Syman, you can expect a full Syman stack to be chalk here. We can also take comfort in the fact that Syman absolutely smoked lvlUP in their loan meeting just a few weeks ago. mou is the top option here followed by n0rb3r7, Keoz and neaLan, in that order. 

Hard to even consider anybody from lvlUP considering how badlly they got beat last time they faced Syman (2-16, 5-16). If running some MME, you could stack the trio of DiMke, Necrogenes1s and Impulse. 

Consider: mou, n0rb3r7, Keoz (Cash/GPP) neaLan (Value)

Prediction: 1-0 Syman

NAVI Junior vs Izako Boars

Courtesy of HLTV.org

Natus come in as -244 favorites and with strong stats, they should be a chalk double stack with Syman. Unlike Syman, only 1 player DOESN’T have a positive KDR and that player just misses with a .97. Really all 5 guys are viable here, headlined by B1T while Gospadarov is way too cheap and should be 100% owned. 

for Izako Boars, siuhy is the only player worth considering, though his price leads to more GPP. You can pair him with Szejn and EXUS for an MME stack or just utilize siuhy as a one off. 

Consider: B1T, Gospadarov, Aunkere (Cash/GPP) kapacho (Value) Topa (Punt)

Prediction: 1-0 Natus Vincere Junior


  • K- Kills
  • D- Deaths
  • KDR- Kill:Death Ratio
  • DPR- Damage Per Round
  • Rating- HLTV.org rating
  • RP- Rounds Played
  • KPR- Kills Per Round

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