CS:GO (Malta Vibes) 7/9

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Draftkings is introducing yet another CSGO tournament here. This time it’s Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 2. This is a 16 team event with teams ranging from #27 in the world to #91. There is a 40k prize pool up for grabs and this is only a 4 day tournament. Today’s opening group stage matches are best of 1, which can really raise the upset potential. Let’s dig in!


HellRaisers Vs. AGF

HellRaisers are -118 pick em favorites. Vegas understands how much of a flip of a coin a best of 1 can be, especially with similarly matched teams, which is what we have here. I would prioritize one of jR or Flarich here while JlaYm and kalinka are viable value options.

These 2 met last month and it was actually AGF who swept 2-0. Though they were playing with Daffu at the time whose 1.01 3 month rating is better than that of Kristou’s, his replacement, .90 rating over that same stretch. However, at only -110, they are absolutely viable here in a match they could easily win. The duo of TMB and fr0slev being the clear plays here.

Consider: jR, Flarich (Cash/GPP) jlaYm, kalinka (Value) TMB, fr0slev (Cash/GPP) Lukki (Value)

Prediction: 1-0 AGF

forZe Vs. SG.pro

While Vegas pegs the other match as a coin flip, and rightfully so, they feel pretty confident about forZe here. This is because forZe are the highest ranked team it the event who are taking on a young SG.pro squad who typically plays lower level competition (we saw how they fared against Syman, who is ranked in the same tier as forZe). You will need 3 pieces of forZe in cash with xsepower and FL1T being the clear priorities. I prefer Jerry as my 3rd, especially with Draftkings continuing to under price him like crazy (he was on a few slates weeks ago and was too cheap then as well!).

Fade in cash. But because this is best of 1 and only a 2 gamer, I do like the trio of fame, S1natoRRR and kise as a gpp stack.

Consider: xsepower, FL1T, facecrack, almazer (Cash/GPP) Jerry (Value)

Prediction: 1-0 forZe

Note: Bold indicates a stronger lean for that player. All stats are over the course of the last 3 months.

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