CS:GO (Mythic) 7/7

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We are back with more Mythic Invite League Season 1 action. Today brings us a few games slate (!) featuring the quarter-finals action. Like yesterday, these are best of 3 and this is a single elimination tournament, so plenty on the line for these teams. Let’s dig in!


Chaos Vs. Mythic

It’s not hard to see why Chaos are the slates biggest favorites at -1111. They are riding a 6 match win streak, which includes 2 sweeps over today’s opponent, Mythic. Not only did they win 5 straight maps over Mythic, but Mythic only managed double digit round wins in 2 of the 5 maps. This puts all 5 Chaos players in play with Xeppaa the clear top option.

Mythic are a full fade in cash. For GPP MME action, the trio of Keiti, zNf and fl0m are the stack.

Consider: Xeppaa, vanity, steel (Cash/GPP) Jonji, leaf (Value)

Prediction: 2-0 Chaos

Recon 5 Vs. TeamOne

Recon 5 are +113 dogs, smallest on the slate. With this being 4 games, really no reason to touch these guys in cash. Especially considering they feature 4 guys with near identical stats, making them difficult to predict. For MME action, anybody not names nosraC can be used.

TeamOne are the slates smallest favorites at -147. With multiple larger favorites on the slate, I don’t anticipate much ownership here, though they do have decent enough numbers to consider really any of these guys in cash. b4rtiN is the clear top option, though it is hard to justify him when Grim (who we will discuss later) is only $200 more.

Consider: b4rtiN, Maluk3, pesadelo (Cash/GPP) malbsMd (Punt)

Prediction: 2-1 TeamOne

Triumph Vs. Oceanus

Triumph are the slates 2nd biggest favorites at -435. Triumph is a team we have had a few different times so we know the story with them. Its really all about Grim. Think of Grim as a poor mans ZywOo. Very talented, big numbers and really does the heavy lifting for his team. Junior is the second option here as he has started to establish himself as the most consistent 2nd option. While the other 3 are in play, there are better priced plays on the slate.

Oceanus are fresh off an upset sweep over New England Whalers. They are a talented team and in their loan meeting with Triump in March, they played them tough, losing 12-16 in a best of 1. There is really no reason to play dogs in cash, but Oceanus make for a decent upside stack with the trio of tweiss, penny and mada.

Consider: Grim, Junior (Cash/GPP)

Prediction: 2-1 Triumph

RBG Vs. Yeah

RBG are a very young team with an average age of just 19.1 They come in with a very small 3 month sample size as well. So not a surprise to see them as +166 dogs. Once again, really no reason to touch dogs in cash today, leaving the trio of HexT, Walco and wiz a gpp stack option.

Yeah are -222 favorites here. They are headlined by the duo of RCF and dumau. There is no reason RCF should be $600 more than dumau here, making dumau the top option here.

Consider: RCF, dumau (Cash/GPP)

Prediction: 2-1 Yeah

Good luck!

Note: Bold indicates a stronger lean for that player. All stats are over the course of the last 3 months.

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