CS:GO (Nine to Five) 7/13

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We are back with more Nine to Five action! Group stages are over and we are starting with the Round of 16. These playoffs are single elimination best of 3. With only the top 2 spots paying out, there is plenty on the line for these teams. Let’s dig in!


AVEZ Vs. Wisla Krakow

AVEZ are -189 favorites, 2nd largest on the slate. AVEZ are very cheap as across the board with KEi making for one of the top point per $ plays on the slate. Kylar, Marko and byali are also viable here while nawrot is a fade.

This is actually our very first look at Wisla Krakow. What I notice right away is 2 things. 1. hades is the clear top play on the team. 2. only Hades has a positive KDR. So for me I am not interested in anybody here outside of hades as nothing more than a GPP play at his price.

Consider: Kei, Kylar, Marko, byali (Cash/GPP)

Prediction: 2-1 AVEZ


CR4ZY are +138 dogs. While typically that would put them in play for cash, their best player in SENSEi is priced way up, making him more of a gpp play.

AGF are -182 favorites. They are led by the duo of fr0slev and TMB. fr0slev is a grand cheaper despite essentially identical stats, so he is definitely my favorite of the 2 if only playing one.

Consider: TMB, fr0slev, Lukki, Daffu (Cash/GPP)

Prediction: 2-1 CR4ZY

Syman Vs. Illuminar

Syman are -175 favorites, smallest on the slate. They are a tough team as only mou has a positive KDR. mou and n0rb3r7 are my preferred plays here as n0rb3r7 is having a solid event and leads the team in damage and 2nd in kills per round.

Illuminar are +134 dogs, smallest on the slate. They are another team though that just isn’t very sexy for DFS. Plus, there best play in Innocent is priced way up. GPP only

Consider: mou, n0rb3r7 (Cash/GPP) neaLaN (Value)

Prediction: 2-1 Syman


SG.pro come in at +225, biggest dogs on the slate. They are young and inconsistent, but they have shown flashes of upside. You can grab the trio of fame, s1natoRRR and kise in an MME gpp at low ownership.

As the slates biggest favs at -312, AA are going to see their share of ownership. They are a well rounded squad with really all 5 guys being viable, though I would fade ScrunK who is over priced and has the worst stats. kressy is the top option here while mirbit is laughably cheap and is the best value on the slate by a mile.

Consider: kressy, stfn, slaxz- (Cash/GPP) mirbit (Value)

Prediction: 2-1 ALTERNATE aTTaX

Good luck!

Note: Bold indicates a stronger lean for that player. All stats are over the course of the last 3 months.

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