CS:GO (Nine to Five) 7/22

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We roll on with the group stage action. This time group C. Once again these are best of 3. Let’s dig in!


CR4ZY Vs. Lilmix

CR4ZY are slate high -238 favorites. They did lose to Lilmix a few weeks ago but that was with a different lineup for Lilmix and it is hard to see that happening again here. CR4ZY feature by far the slates best numbers with 3 guys having a positive KDR while the rest of the slate only has 1! Expect a full cash stack to be popular here with SENSEi, DemQQ and Sergiz the top options while 7oX1C is a value option and Psycho is a viable punt.


Consider: SENSEi, DemQQ, Sergiz (Cash/GPP) 7oX1C (Value) Psycho (Punt)

Prediction: 2-0 CR4ZY

Orgles5 Vs. Excellency

Orgles5 are +148 dogs but do feature our top projected player in jayzR. It is a tiny sample size, but jayzR has shown that he is by far the best player for his squad as he leads the team in literally every category. Ping is also viable here as a value. CYPHER is GPP only due to price, but can be paired with the other two in a GPP stack.

As the 2nd favorite on the slate, I would expect most to have 2-3 pieces of Excellency in cash as well. HOLMES is the clear top option here followed by rilax and Dav. NK4y is a viable value while hutji is a punt option.

Consider: jayzR (Cash/GPP) Ping (Value) HOLMES, rilax, Dav (Cash/GPP) NK4Y (Value) hutji (Punt)

Prediction: 2-1 Excellency (I wouldn’t be surprised if O5 won here)

Good luck!

Note: Bold indicates a stronger lean for that player. All stats are over the course of the last 3 months.

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