CS:GO (Nine to Five) 7/23

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Back for some Nine To Five action. Tonight brings us some Group D action. Once again, these are best of 3. Let’s dig in!

Vegas Odds

Team Odds Team Odds
BIG Academy +148 9INE -196
LDLC -196 Sinners +148

For player stats, game by game breakdowns, suggested plays and predictions, purchase below!

LDLC vs Sinners

Today’s slate features two -196 favorites, our first being LDLC. LDLC are headlined by the trio of bodyy, hAdjui and SIXER, all 3 of which are strong cash plays. SIXER should be especially popular at 7k. This slate lacks value, making afroo viable as well. 

For Sinners, they feature a cash viable play in NEOFRAG, whose 1.24 3 month rating is 2nd highest on the slate. You could really run a full stack here in GPP as well as their stats are decent. I would start with NEOFRAG and SHOCK. Also, as mentioned, on a slate lacking value, CaNNiE is a viable punt. 

Consider: bodyy, hAdji, SIXER (Cash/GPP) afroo (Value) NEOFRAG (Cash/GPP) CaNNiE (Punt)

Prediction: 2-1 LDLC

BIG Academy vs 9INE

9INE are our second -194 favorites here. Very similar to LDLC, they feature a trio of cash optons in Izzy, xfl0ud and QutionerX. Izzy is the clear top play here and our top projected on the slate. His 1.27 3 month rating is the highest on the slate. While it’s not pretty, CyderX is punt viable, especially if you like 9INE to sweep. 

For BIG Academy, Krimbo and Panix lead the way and their numbers are good enough that they are cash viable, though Krimbo’s price is a tough sell for a dog. I also don’t mind the prosus price here or even HadeZ as a punt. Like I have said a few times, this slate has no strong value plays, so you are going to have to just roll with your gut on your favorite value/punt today. 

Consider: Izzyxfl0ud, QutionerX (Cash/GPP) CyderX (Punt) Krimbo, PANIX, prosus (Cash/GPP) HadeZ (Punt)

Prediction: 2-1 9INE


  • K- Kills
  • D- Deaths
  • KDR- Kill:Death Ratio
  • DPR- Damage Per Round
  • Rating- HLTV.org rating
  • RP- Rounds Played
  • KPR- Kills Per Roudn

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