CS:GO (PAL) 7/11

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We continue on with the Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020 action. We are still in the group stages where 10 teams are battling for the top 8 spots. These are best of 3. Let’s dig in!


TYLOO Vs. Lucid Dream

TYLOO continue to absolutely steam roll their way through the group stage. So not surprisingly, they are a slate high -909 favorites. Nice thing is TYLOO are very affordable for soe reason, with only dank1ng priced over 8k. You are going to want bare minimum 2 pieces here in cash and the nice thing about TYLOO is all 5 guys are viable. So they add a ton of flexibility to your builds.


Consider: dank1ng, Attacker, SLOWLY, Summer (Cash/GPP) somebody (Value)

Prediction: 2-0 TYLOO

Divine Vendetta Vs. Bren

DV come in as our second biggest favorites at -500. This is because they are facing a Bren squad who have lost 6 straight and 7 of 8 overall at PAL. The downfall to DV though is their meh numbers. Only DVDOV features a positive KDR and every player has near identical damage per round and kills per round. The positive is Draftkings has priced them soft enough to make them viable.

At some point Bren have to win right? While I am not touching them in cash, this does feel like a spot where they could potentially break through. This makes Papichulo, witz and Derek an intriguing GPP stack.

Consider: DVDOV, havoK (Cash/GPP) PokemoN, Ejram (Value)

Prediction: 2-1 Divine Vendetta

ViCi Vs. D13

Our final match also features our tightest spread with ViCi -227 favorites. We know the story with ViCi. Kaze, JamYoung and aumaN are the plays here.

D13 features a strong trio of their own in skOR, Annihilation and rate. Because they are the smallest dogs and priced down, both skOr and rate are cash viable at their prices. Annihilation is GPP only.

Consider: JamYoung, kaze, aumaN (Cash/GPP) skOr, rate (Cash/GPP)

Prediction: 2-1 ViCi

Good Luck!

Note: Bold indicates a stronger lean for that player. All stats are over the course of the last 3 months.

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