CS:GO (PAL/Malta Vibes) 7/19

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Another 4 game split slate between PAL and Malta Vibes. Let’s dig in!


ViCi Vs. Beyond

ViCi are the slate largest favorites at -500. ViCi has won the first 5, only dropping 1 map on the way. We know the story here, Kaze and JamYoung are the top plays here and our top projected plays on the slate. aumaN is the 3rd option and comes at a slight discount. This marks the 6th time these two will have met.

Biggest dogs on the slate, GPP only. Oliva, qqGOD and Kntz gpp stack.

Consider: kaze, JamYoung, aumaN (Cash/GPP) zhokiNg (Value)

Prediction: 2-0 ViCi

Hard Legion Vs. Illuminar

This is a literal pick em with both squads at -114. This means both teams are cash viable. For Hard Legion, that means Forester, Krad and rAge. Hard Legion are 0-2 against Illuminar in 2020, though both matches have gone the distance.

As mentioned, this is a pick em, so Illuminar are also cash viable. Illuminar are pretty balanced and really all 5 are cash viable. rallen makes for a strong punt consider his positive KDR, damage over 75 and kills per round approaching .70.

Consider: Forester, Krad, rAge (Cash/GPP) innocent, Vegi, Snax (Cash/GPP) rallen, mouz (Punt)

Prediction: 2-1 Illuminar

Invictus Vs. TYLOO

Invicutus are +185 dogs here. They have won 7 straight and also swept TYLOO in their last meeting on 6/25. I don’t know that we need to target any dogs here in cash, but Invictus do make a decent GPP stack with flying, Viva and xiaosaGe.

TYLOO have now won 10 straight, sweeping every single one of them! But, their last loss was against today’s opponent, Invictus. Vegas is leaning on the recent form though, making TYLOO the favorites here at -250 (can’t blame them!). All 5 guys are very much in play here considering all have a KDR of 1.1 or better, damage of 75 or higher and damage over .70, all of which are fantastic numbers.

Consider: TYLOO, Attacker (Cash/GPP) SLOWLY, Summer (Value) somebody (Punt)

Prediction: 2-1 TYLOO (A sweep wouldn’t be a surprise here)


Fate are +208 dogs. Fade in cash. GPP stack of h4rn and mar with either blocker or Patrick is vaible.

ALTERNATE aTTaX are really making a name for themselves lately, winning 7 of their last 8. This is the 3rd time they will have faced Fate over the last month, sweeping the first two. While ScrunK is a fade, the other four make for very strong cash plays.

Consider: kressy, mirbit, slaxz- (Cash/GPP) stfN (Value)

Prediction: 2-0 ALTERNATE aTTaX

Good Luck!

Note: Bold indicates a stronger lean for that player. All stats are over the course of the last 3 months.

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