Cup Series – Atlanta Motor Speedway – Folds of Honor 500

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Chase Elliott - This one is pretty easy. Chase sits on the pole and Almirola is starting 2nd, which means chase should stay in the lead. He has had a great run since the COVID break, finishing 4th, 38th (KB wreck), 2nd and 1st. He has been on a different level and i can see him leading a lot of the first and 2nd stages.

Brad Keselowski- Brad K has been popular recently and i think he will be again tomorrow. 1st thing that jumps off the page at you is his price. DK has him at $8,900! Add in the fact that Brad K has dominated Atlanta over the last few races, 1st , 2nd and 1st, and you got yourself another dominator play.

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Cup Standings

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