Cup Series – Pocono – Pocono 350

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Welcome the 2nd half of the double header weekeend at "The Tricky Triangle" at Pocono. The track is shaped like a triangle and is very flat with long straight aways that can lead to 4-5 wide racing. The best passing lane, minus gaining spots off pit row, is after turn 3 down the longest straight away. The first race here is only 140 laps, which doesn't leave a ton of dominator points on the table. Yesterday showed that early in the race doesnt mean much as Harvick came out of no where to win the race. Today we get an inverted starting lineup, which is leading to some chalk plays. Just sit back and watch a good race where anyone can win if they roll out the correct strategy.


So with this being and inverted race, dominators arent really going to be guys that are starting up front as the top 5 are: Preece / A. Dillon / Kurt Busch / Ricky Stenhouse Jr / Cole Custer. Out of these 5 guys, i can see either Kurt Busch or Austin Dillon leading the 1st stage, since there is no competition caution (unless there is rain). Kurt has good numbers here, but hasnt been good here recently, but I think he has the best shot to lead early being a savvy vet and getting the night and tomorrow to work out the kinks in the car. Preece, Stenhouse and Custer are Deep GPP plays that I will probably have little to no exposure to.

Cup Standings

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