Cup Series – Talladega – GEICO 500

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Welcome to Super Speedway racing! This race will be 188 wild and crazy laps around a 2.66 mile track. With Races at Super Speedways, lets remember a few things. There will almost always be a "big one". Not saying they are always bad wrecks, but there is almost always a wreck that takes out a chunk of cars. At SS tracks, dont worry about your salary, you will most likely be leaving thousands of dollars on the table after you build you lineups. Guys starting 20th and back tend to be the safest and have the best floor here.


Now this section is for people who are wanting to take a chance with 1 dominator in a lineup. This is more for a GPP style lineup and one that should be considered risky, but there are a few drivers who are starting close to the front that could lead a good part of this race.

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Cup Standings

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