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       It’s been a quiet week in the BVP department.  There haven’t been a whole lot of BVP stats to get crazy about.  So hopefully we will dig up a few gems today that we can polish off and put on display.   

       There are 11 MLB games on today’s slate, so let’s get to work and see if we can find positive BVP (Batter vs. Pitcher) stats to assist in our DFS research.   A criteria that I use is a minimum 10 plate appearances and research goes no further back than 5 years.  Players change over the course of their career so it wouldn’t be beneficial or fair to make assumptions on certain veteran players (Adam Wainright or Jake Arrieta would come to mind). At the end we will reveal our MLB Advanced STAT of the day


No catchers today meet the criteria of at least 10 plate appearances and BA over .300



Steve Pearce (vs. Haap)  6/26; 6 HR’s; .308 BA/1.458 OPS/.569 wOBA/.731 ISO

Yonder Alomso (vs. Carrassco)  5/17); 2 HR; .294 BA/1.000 OPS/.415 wOBA/.411 ISO



Adam Frazier (vs. Anderson)  5/15; 2 HR; .333 BA/1.145 OPS/.476 wOBA/.400 ISO



David Freese (vs. Vargas) 5/11; 2 HR; . 455 BA/1.864 OPS/.737 wOBA/.909 ISO



Nick Ahmed (vs. Freeland)  5/16; 4 RBI; .333 BA/1.021 OPS/.408 wOBA/.375 ISO



Sterling Marte (vs. Anderson) 13/27; 2 HRs; 3 RBI; .481 BA/1.422 OPS/.592 wOBA/.407 ISO

Marcell Ozuna (vs. Eikhoff) 5/16; 1 HR; .312 BA/1.000 OPS/.416 wOBA/.375 ISO  

Guillermo Heredia (vs. Perez)  10/22; 2 RBI; .455 BA/1.091 OPS/.477 wOBA/.136 ISO


After a review of the above listed BVP statistics the following should be under high consideration for a DFS roster spot: 

Steve Pearce

David Freese

Sterling Marte





Per our friends at Yahoo Fantasy:

Ground Ball  % is the percentage of ground balls allowed.

The higher a pitchers GB rate, the fewer home runs they will allow

So for Stacking purposes one of the stats that needs to be reviewed is what pitchers have a low ground ball percentage.  If the pitcher can’t keep the ball on the ground then there is only one other place for it to go– Up in the Air! 

Let’s look at Ground Ball % for the last 30 days and see who is at the top of the leader board :

The pitchers in the chart above tend to keep the ball on the ground which in turn leads to less runs.

Now let’s look at the pitchers who for the last 30 days tend to keep the ball up in the air.  When the ball is in the air a lot of bad things can happen and that is exactly what “stacking/GPP” player is looking for:

In the chart above it shows how young and inexperienced pitchers make up a good portion of the pitchers with a low ground ball %.  Caleb Smith. Reynaldo Lopez. Tyler Skaggs.  All young pitchers.  

Using the Ground Ball %, as well as the others that have been discussed (BABIP, Fly Ball %, Hard Contact) is just a tool and should be used in conjunction with your other findings/stats to come up with an educated idea as to what pitcher is ripe to get knocked around by your one or two team stack.

Ground Ball % statistics courtesy of FANGRAPHS.  Note that the average Ground Ball Rate in MLB is 44%.  Per Fangraphs  ground ball pitchers normally have ground ball rates over 50%.

For a full list of today’s BVP, head over to our MLB Daily Data page


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