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         The Batter vs Pitcher stat has always been one of the most debated statistics in daily fantasy baseball.  BVP is a batters career stats against the pitcher he is facing. One side of the debate calls BVP complete hogwash while the other side uses it as one of their main statistics in picking a batter for their lineup. Then there are those (like me) in the middle.  For myself the BVP is another tool to add to my toolbox of building a winning lineup.  There are times that the BVP doesn’t lie (anyone remember Paul Goldschmidt vs Tim Lincecum???) But other times it just doesn’t pan out.

         Let’s take a look at tonights MLB games and see if we can find positive BVP stats to assist in our research today.  A criteria  that I use is a minimum 10 plate appearances and go back only 5 years.  Players change in 5 years so it wouldn’t be beneficial or fair  – say for example, Adam Wainright.


James McCann (vs. Berrios) 5/11; 2 HR’s; 7 RBI’s . .455 BA/1.636 OPS/.673wOBA/.727 ISO

Yadier Molona (vs. Folty) 4/12; 4 RBI’s; .333 BA/1.051 OPS/.442 wOBA/.333 ISO



Steve Pearce (vs. Miley) 7/21; 2 Hr; 5 RBI’s; .333 BA/.967 OPS/.400 wOBA/.286 ISO



Kolten Wong (vs. Folty) 5/9; 4 RBI’s; .556 BA/1.937 OPS/.725 wOBA/.667 ISO



Mikael Franko (vs. Anderson) 5/10; 3 HR’s; 6 RBI’s; .500 BA/1.900 OPS/.780 wOBA; .900 ISO

Evan Longoria (vs. Ray) 6/9; 4 RBI’s; .667 BA/2.103 OPS/.796 wOBA/.667 ISO



No SS fit BVP criteria



Mookie Betts (vs. Miley) 6/11; .545 BA/1.706 OPS/.688 wOBA/.545 ISO

Ryan Braun (vs. Eikhoff) 3/10; 2 HR; 3 RBI; .300 BA/1.264OPS/.509 wOBA/.600 ISO

Odubel Herrera (vs. Anderson) 5/12; .417 BA/1.083 OPS/.471 wOBA/.167 ISO

Mike Trout (vs. Smyly) 4/15; 2 HR; 7 RBI’s; .267 BA/1.153 OPS/.465 wOBA; .533 ISO


As you can see the closest player to a “Must Play” is Mookie Betts.   You can make a case for Trout and the Phils that are listed or if it was 3 years ago Longoria’s numbers against Ray would be almost elite.  If anything this is another tool to use if you can’t decide between two different players.

For a full list of today’s BVP, head over to our MLB Daily Data page


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