Did It Move? LPL/LCK 4.11 (FREE)

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Purpose of this article is to let you know if/how the lines have moved since they opened and apply it to making your LoL lineups. The first number is where it started, and the second is where it is at the time of the publication. 


LGD: +200 –> +155

OMG: -278 –> -190

Thoughts: This is significant enough movement for me to consider LGD heavily in GPPs. +155 is a live underdog, especially in esports. I’ll have a considerable amount

WE vs eStar

WE: +163 –> 160

eStar: -217 –> -198

Thoughts: Not enough movement to change any thoughts there. WE is a live dog though

Royal Never Give Up vs Rogue Warriors

RNG: -1111, –> -1000

RW: +586 –> +534

Thoughts: RW only really an option if you have multiple lineups and/or money to burn. RNG should be popular

Hanwha Life Esports vs APK Prince

HLE: -141 –> -123

APK: +108 –> +101

Thoughts: Coin flip match, turning into even more of a coin flip. I do like APK and will have some

Sandbox Gaming vs KT Rolster

SBG: +183 –> +198

KT: -250 –> -248

Thoughts: Nothing notable here in terms of movement. KT is always underowned and they gave it to T1 last night. Could be a let down spot after a big win, but I’ll have shares



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