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Tonight is one of those huge 15 game nights.  Every team is playing and all of the games are at night. So let’s get to work and see if we can find positive BVP (Batter vs. Pitcher) stats to assist in our DFS research.   A criteria that I use is a minimum 10 plate appearances and research goes no further back than 5 years.  Players change over the course of their career so it wouldn’t be beneficial or fair to make assumptions on certain veteran players (Adam Wainright or Jake Arrieta would come to mind). At the end we will reveal our MLB Advanced STAT of the day



Wlson Ramos (vs. Bum) 4/11; .364 BA/ 1.144 OPS/.479 wOBA/.364 ISO



Daniel Murphy (vs. Hendricks); 6/16; 2 2B’s; 3 RBI; .375 BA/1/287 OPS/.529 wOBA/.500 ISO

Edwin Encarnacion (vs. Miley)  5/16; 3 HR; 6 RBI; .312 BA/1.459 OPS/.567 wOBA/.625 ISO

Daniel Murphy


DJ LeMahieu (Vs. Richard) 7/17; 7 H; 3 RBI; .412 BA/1.088 OPS/.472 wOBA/.176 ISO



Todd Frazier (vs. Bum) 6/12; 2 HR; 3 RBI; .500 BA/1.083 OPS/.662 wOBA/.583 ISO

Matt Carpenter (vs. Castillo) 5/13; .385 BA/1.222 OPS/.515 wOBA/.308 ISO

Todd Frazier


No shortstops met the criteria of a positive BVP


No Outfielders met the criteria of a positive BVP


After a review of the above listed BVP statistics the following should be under high consideration for a DFS roster spot: 

Daniel Murphy

Edwin Encanacion

Todd Frazier






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