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       It’s already Sunday as we close out another week in what’s hopefully been a profitable DFS season for everyone so far.  I can pretty much guarantee that if you are a Daily Fantasy Solutions VIP and have followed our coaching articles and cheat sheets you should be well on your way to a successful season. 

       This a typical full 15 game Sunday  so let’s get to work and see if we can find positive BVP (Batter vs. Pitcher) stats to assist in our DFS research.  Note: A criteria that I use is a minimum 10 plate appearances and research goes no further back than 5 years.  Players change over the course of their career so it wouldn’t be beneficial or fair to make assumptions on certain veteran players (Adam Wainright or Jake Arrieta would come to mind). At the end we will reveal our MLB Advanced STAT of the day


Gary Sanchez (vs. Price) 6/13; 5 HR; 11 RBI; .462 BA/2.204 OPS/.806 wOBA/1.154 ISO

Austin Romine (vs. Price)  7/15; .467 BA/1.100 OPS/.481 wOBA



No First basemen meet the criteria of a positive BVP



Adam Frazier (vs. Davies)  4/10; .400 BA/1.000 OPS/.430 wOBA/.200 ISO



Josh Donaldson (vs. Boyd) 2/10; 2 HR’s; .222 BA/1.306 OPS/.508 wOBA/.667 ISO

Matt Carpenter (vs. Hamels) 5/9; .556 BA/1.303 OPS/.568 wOBA/.110 ISO



David Fletcher (vs. Gonzalez)  6/17; .353 BA/1.009 OPS/.432 wOBA/.235 ISO



Adam Eaton (vs. Gray) 6/11; .545 BA/1.220 OPS/.537 wOBA/.091 ISO

Starling Marte (vs. Davies) 6/13; .462 BA/1.115 OPS; .486 wOBA/.154 ISO

Jason Heyward (vs. Wainwright) 5/13; .385 BA/1.198 OPS/.496 wOBA/.385 ISO

Mike Trout (vs. Gonzalez) 10/24; 2 HR; 4 RBI; .417 BA/1.273 OPS/.531 wOBA/.375 ISO

Mookie Betts (vs. CC) 12/28; 6 BB; .429 BA/1.050 OPS/.459 wOBA/.107 ISO


After a review of the above listed BVP statistics the following should be under high consideration for a DFS roster spot: 

5 Stars– MUST PLAY

Gary Sanchez & Austin Romine (NYY) *****

David Fletcher (LAA) ****

Starling Marte (PITT) ****

Mike Trout (LAA) *****

Mookie Betts (BOS) *****

David Fletcher


ISO (Isolated Power)

Per our friends at Yahoo Fantasy:

ISO measures the power of a batter.

Calculation is ISO= SLG%-AVG.  The number of extra bases a player averages per at bat

Why does it help us in DFS? Helps us identify power hitters

Let’s look at ISO for the last 30 days and see who is at the top of the leader board :

Derek Dietrich has an incredible ISO of .587 (almost 6 extra bases per at bat) over the last 30 days.  Mark Canha (.460) and George Springer (.459) also have had a huge month.

Now let’s look at ISO for the past 7 days and get an idea as to who is the hottest power hitter in baseball:


And here is Derek Dietrich again at .750 ISO.  Fresh off his multi HR game earlier in the week that a few GPP’s for some DFS players.  Matt Wieters (.636) and Josh Phegley (.615) were also obviously slugging the ball around during the week.

Just by looking at the ISO charts — if Derek Dietrich is starting tomorrow for the Reds he is ON my DFS team!

Derek Dietrich


Good luck everyone!

For a full list of today’s BVP, head over to our MLB Daily Data page









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