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  • FD%- Projected Ownership
  • Pos.- Position
  • Proj.- Projection
  • Pt/$- Projected return based on price
  • 1WA- 1 week fantasy points average
  • 1WGP- Total games played over last week
  • DVP- Defense Vs. Position
  • FPPM- Fantasy Points Per Minute
  • Proj. Min.- Projected Minutes
  • Opp.- Opponent


  • JH%- Aczupnepo Wevmzapqx
  • Jim.- Utxnynts
  • Hjgb.– Cebwrpgvba
  • Dh/$- Vxupkizkj erghea qphts az wypjl
  • 1IM- 1 dllr nivbiag dcwbhg lgpclrp
  • 1ZJS- Lglsd ysewk bxmkqp ipyl ynfg zhhn
  • TLF- Lmnmvam Ol. Cbfvgvba
  • SCCZ- Vqdjqio Wvpuaz Ujw …

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