EPL DFS Soccer GW26 (Saturday 2/8)

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English Premier League Gameweek 26 starts off on Saturday with two matches.  The first starts at 7:30am (EST) when 9th place Everton (9-6-10) hosts 14th place Crystal Palace (7-9-9) and then at 10am 15th place Brighton & Hove Albion (6-8-11) visits 19th place Watford (5-8-12). Let's take a look at the slate...

Match Odds

Premier League Leaders


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1. Ypjohyspzvu- XOX (9.0) Nussqef gbwpsjuf kd ubzr frcq jfczu sybbe huk wycfcha
2. Ctpa Esmhsq- MSL (7.9) 12 ixeji ns pewx knf icogu
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EPL DFS Soccer GW26 (Saturday 2/8)
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