Euro League Top Plays 1/17

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As you can see above all 4 top priced guards are in play today. They all are in good match up and good game environments. Mike James struggled last last game vs RMB (Still scoring 26.5 DK points) but today vs BKN has a much better match up. He has the highest ceiling of the 4 guards. Nick Calathes destroyed ZAL the first time they played to a tune of 48.75 DK points, his second highest of the season. Calathes plays the most minutes out of the 4 guards today, he also fills the stat sheet more with assists and rebounds. He is an all around player, and has a safer floor than James. Shane Larkin has been the most consistent of the 4 guards. He is the offense while Micic is still out. Larkin is seeing over 30 minutes a game while Micic is out and i see that trend continuing today. His ceiling isnt as high as James, but he is still right there with him. Lorenzo Brown checks in at the cheapest of the 4. His ankle looks fine as he logged 28 minutes and had 27.5 DK points on Tuesday. He has the lowest floor of the top 4 guards but with him being 1,300 less than James, he is very much in play with the saving you get with him. While cash games should start with 1 of these 4 guys, you can’t go wrong with any of them. I like Calathes, James, Larkin, Brown in that order for cash games. In GPP, i would try to get 2 of the 4, unless you are forced to over punt, then i would look in the mid tier plays to pair with one of them. 


You are going to need some value/mid tier plays today to get the stud guard/guards that you want. Daniel Hackett is set to return today from injury. He was tearing it up before his injury, the 2 games before his injury, he was seeing 30+ minutes and scored 45.25 and 34.25 DK points. This is a cheap way to get exposure to CSK’s high total today, if fading James. Hackett coming back hurt Hillard as Hackett should be inserted back into the starting lineup. Jordan Loyd returned from injury last game to play 14 minutes. He did not shoot well in his return, going 0-8. He only had 5.25 DK points. Loyd was a 9,800 player earlier this year and his priced at 6,900 right now. At some point he is going to retake his starting role and dominate again. This is a risky play, but if he gets 25+ minutes and his shot is falling, he will crush value today. Vassilis Spanoulis has been super consistent the last 3 games, seeing just sound 30 minutes a game and scoring 27.5,25.75, and 26 DK points in those 3 games. He is the top guard for Oly today vs a very weak Bayern Munich backcourt. K.C. Rivers checks in as the cheapest play in the guard section of this article. He has filled in nicely for the injured Grigonis so far. If you need the value, then look for Rivers or even his teammate Arturas Milaknis. 


Today, I will be fading the top 2 priced forwards in Shengelia and Monroe. They both have tough match ups and I like guys priced lower than them in better spots. Luke Sikma is my top forward play of the day. He seems to be match up proof recently. While his minutes are right around 25, i wish it was 30, he is still producing at 25 minutes. Sikma will get you around 25 DK points as his floor, with upwards of 40+. Nikola Milutinov is very hard to trust right now, but his match up is hard to ignore. He got back to 27.5 DK points last game, but he is known to disappear in games (as seen in is 9.25 game 2 games ago.) If that scares you, then his teammate Georgios Printezis is 900 less and been far more consistent recently. (I prefer Printezis today). DeShaun Thomas and Ioannis Papapetrou are PAO’s main 2 forwards. Thomas being the up and down player, but with the higher ceiling and Papapetrou being the more consistent cash player with the better floor. In today’s match up you cannot go wrong with either and they are only 200 dollars apart from each other. Mateusz Ponitka has been great filling in for the in for the injured Ayon, who returned Tuesday to play 8 minutes. You are playing Ponitka if you think Ayon will still be limited today, which i think he is as he only played 8 minutes last game. Chris Singleton has been a monster with Dunston on the shelf. He has scored over 20 DK points in his last 3 and gets a very weak ASV team today. There are many guards in the “mid to upper” tier that i like today. I would start with your stud guard first then work on what forward you want to get in there for cash games. 


This one is easy, lock in Jock Landale. He is 8K and back to his normal minutes. He was a stud before he went down with an injury and looks to be back 100%. I will have him locked into my cash games today without thinking twice about it. Joshua Huestis is starting to get back to where he was last year. Seeing 22 minutes in his last 2 games and putting up 18 and 29 DK points. His price is low enough that he help gets another stud guard in for you. Alberto Abalde is once again a solid play due to Dubljevic and Tobey being out. He played 24 minutes and scored 26.25 Dk points last game with both of them out, and i see the same thing today, even with the tough match up. Aaron Doornekamp is in the same boat as Abalde, seeing more minutes due to the injuries. I think i like Abalde more today than Doornekamp.


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