Euroleague DFS Top Plays 1/23

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Top Guard

Mike James- Today is another day where you must choose between Mike James or Alexey Shved. James has scored over 40 DK points in 6 of his last 7 games. James scored 31.5 in his first meeting with Valencia, but he has been a different player these last 7 rounds. I look for James to be highest scoring guard on the slate.

Mid Tier Guard

Sam Van Rossom- Sam is going to get you around 20 DK points. It is what he has done since October. He isnt the flashiest player on the slate, but he is consistent as they come. Jordan Loyd is out for Valencia with a foot injury, so Van Rossom should see more minutes and usage today.

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Matchup Chart

Performance Index Rating (PIR)

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Injury Report

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  • WCB: Itjmzbw Fgfqij, Wuzq Ljbbyr, Wbeqna Mpze, Arezj Efdqxzuqwe, Elctv Eodfn, Fglcp Pmhupahmo, Rnpj Nivys, Qgnsd Shhlftg, Rhqdae Mbajd

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Euroleague DFS Top Plays 1/23
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