Euroleague DFS Top Plays 2/21

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Top Guard

Malcolm Delaney- Delaney exploded last round for 49.25 DK points. Now today he get a very easy match up in PAO. With Thomas Heurtel being out, Delaney will command even more of the offense today.

Mid Tier Guard

Scottie Wilbekin- Mid range is kina meh today, so ill give another top option. Wilbekin looks to be back to full strength. VBC is thin at the guard spot with Van Rossom and Loyd both out for today. Wilbekin used to be and upper 10K player on DK, and today is priced at 9600.

Value Guard

Rodney Beaubois- Beaubois should see plenty of minutes with Larkin out. It also looks like Micic could miss this game as well, opening up ever more minutes. He has scored 17+ DK points in his last 3 games.

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Match Up Chart

Performance Index Rating (PIR)

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Injury Report

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  • Lznqqjr Cpclz (Xblzapvuhisl)
  • Reup Ktnmbgl (Imwklagfstdw)
  • Slvu Luxcmpcw (Uyiwxmsrefpi)
  • EKJ: Bqjwn Qfwpns, Xlsqew Anxkmxe, Emy Chu Czddzx, Mrugdq Nqaf, Bizqs Tdsuc, Bfytnj Fhd, Fvcls Hwwauiv, Aulyd Grexfj, Ofhtg Frunh, Qbthf Lkvlki, Hczuo Usqwa, Nslr XcVulnifigyi, Dqju Dvsalyz, Ywbs Kiaaxq

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Euroleague DFS Top Plays 2/21
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