Euroleague DFS Top Plays 3/3

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Alexey Shved- Shved is running hot right now, 35+ DK points in 5 of his last 6. He is 1500 more than Calathes, but has been more consistent than Calathes. I would start my cash games with Alexey today.

Mid Tier Guard

Wade Baldwin IV- Baldwin has beening seeing right around 30 minutes his last 3 games, while putting up over 20 DK points in 3 of his last 4. He seems to be getting comfortable in the OLY system. Today he gets one of the best match ups for guards in the EL.

Value Guard

Jaycee Carroll- Carroll should benefit from Llull still being out. He has seen 20+ mins in 3 straight games, while scoring 34.75, 29 and 19.75 in those 3 games. With all the injuries on RMB, he should see over 20 minutes again today in a good match up.

Top Forward

Trey Thompkins - With all the injuries to RMB front court, Trey should see an uptick in minutes. Trey and Tavares should both see all the minutes they can handle today.

Mid Tier Forward

Vladimir Micov - With all the injuries to RMB in the front court that should lead to a big day Micov. Tavares should mainly be guarding Tarczewski which leaves a less than steller defender in Thompkins on Micov. RMB only has 4 healthy bodies down low and AXM should take advantage of that today.

Value Forward

Not a huge fan of the lower tier today at the forward spot, use the cheat sheet after to fill in any lower priced plays that you may need today.

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Match Up Chart

Performance Index Rating (PIR)

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Injury Report

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  • Aptvmlf Zbmtbi (Swguvkqpcdng)
  • BHG: Huaovuf Hqdtebfx, Gbdhet Qmpyxmrsz, Chkwtg Fbvdxr, Vpqgxta Pqow, Dpcrtz Qqzqq, Rwzliv Beot, Dylygs Lchuz, Wrszve Igaykax, Blftxe Cblp, Dyaei Grggfj, Octkwu Nypnvupz, Ejbbrurb Dalyzfwtd, Otduefumz Unkgl

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Euroleague DFS Top Plays 3/3
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