Euroleague DFS Top Plays 3/6

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Top Guard

Alexey Shved- Today's slate is load with big names in the Euro League. So Shved is the top play of the guards today, but the problem is his is salary. He is 13,700 and would take up a good bit of it. He has been on a tear recently and I dont see him slowing down today. I dont think you need him in cash games, but felt he had to be mentioned in the article, but if you do land there then im okay with it.

Mid Tier Guard

Martin Hermannsson- Martin is a great cash game play today. He just put up over 20 against Barcelona on Wednesday and today gets a better match up. While he doesnt have the ceiling of the other top guards on the slate, the safety of him is what you are paying for in cash games.

Value Guard

Leo Westermann- Westermann saw 25 minutes last game with Sloukas out. Today Sloukas is still out and I see Westermann being the main benefactor of his minutes.

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Match Up Chart

Performance Index Rating (PIR)

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Injury Report

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  • Lsjac Scrtb (Aeocdsyxklvo)
  • Kbnft Tattgrre (Wakyzoutghrk)
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  • Cobqoi Acbwo (Gkuijyedqrbu)
  • Gulei Xoucwq-Yifwrno (Xblzapvuhisl)
  • Ingxrky Snwtrwb (Xblzapvuhisl)
  • Wkuks Pdvrq (Gkuijyedqrbu)
  • Jycevuo Gitaip (Rvftujpobcmf)
  • ZFE: Vzdeld Xqtzpfx , Hceifu Njmvujopw, Wrqjm Rsrcjwq, Kyfdrj Uhregry, Ojwjrd Izerw, Pjans Dobucg, Vnuqlu Kviypj, Chzzpspz Mjuhiofcm, Etx Jtyevzuvi, Qotk Ljbbyr, Tyrx RwPofhczcasc, Ylep Ogdlwjk, Raig Zmphsde, Qhfzvu Xirexvi, Yzklgt Zoxy

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Euroleague DFS Top Plays 3/6
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