FA CUP Showdown Manchester United @ Derby County (Thursday 3/5)

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We will be taking a different route today as we focus in on the One game Showdown matchup for Draftkings.  We have a Premier League side in Man U that will be traveling to face off against Derby County in a FA Cup match oozing with narrative.  Wayne Rooney gets a shot at the club that put his name on the map as an International Icon.  We have some large contest pools available and there is #MidDayMoney to be made!  Let's take a look at the slate....

Match Odds

Expected Lineup and CORE PLAYS...

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Nbudi Peet


Unfusjut Rotkav

KEY: Blue circles (CASH plays) / Yellow squares (GPP play) / Yellow Circles or lines (Set Takers and preferred plays) 



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FA CUP Showdown Manchester United @ Derby County (Thursday 3/5)
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