Fanduel Castaways DFS- Survivor Season 40 Episode 13 (FREE)

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Phew things are getting crazy now. And tonight promises to be more of the same with a 2 hour episode. I would anticipate that means we see the final challenge for the extinction Island contestants as well. I assume at this point all of you reading have been following along all season, so feel free to skip the next few sections as they are just basics for those who don’t know survivor.

Note: Fun thing about this season is everyone playing is a former winner. With one winner winning literally 20 years ago! So everyone playing is really good at this game, making for, IMO, one of the best seasons to date.

Important Terms

Tribal Council- This is where players are voted out. Now that we have reached the merge, only the person who won the immunity challenge is safe from possible elimination.

Idol- An idol can be played at tribal council and will make the person immune from being voted out. All votes against that person (or the person the idol is played for) will no longer count. Most powerful tool in the game.

Fire Token- This is a new twist to the game and I personally love it. Tokens are essentially currency and can be used to “buy” certain advantages or luxuries in the game. It is a bit early on, but tokens are going to play a massive part of this season. The more a player has, the better for them.

Extinction Island- In this years season, when a player is voted out, they do not go home. Instead they go to “The Edge of Extinction” where they are given chances to earn Fire Tokens which will help them potentially win there way back in to the game. We have also seen multiple examples of someone here being able to “sell” a reward to a player currently in the game in return for a Fire Token.

The Players

With teams gone, let’s take a quick look at each player.

Sarah- Sarah has 3 fire tokens.

Michele- Michele gave her “Coin Flip Idol” to Jeremy last week. Did he give it back after not using it? Michelle has 1 fire token.

Jeremy- There is a bit of uncertaintity with what exactly Jeremy has. He was promised a fire token 2 weeks ago from Tony, but we never saw the transaction. So Jeremy has 1, potentially 2 fire tokens. Jeremy was also given a “Coin Flip Idol” by Michelle last week, but he correctly decided not to play it (ballsy). Did he give it back? Jeremy has 1 immunity win and has finished 2nd 2 other times. he is a constant threat to win immunity & potentially has the coin flip idol.

Denise- Denise picked up here first immunity win last week and now has 6 fire tokens. This gives her power.

Tony- Tony won his third immunity challenge in a row and still has an idol. I am not sure of his fire token status but I believe he has 1. He has been on fire and making big moves, so I anticipate players will be looking to eliminate him asap. Decent chance we see him have to use an idol tonight.

Ben- Ben has 1 fire token and found an idol last week.

Nick- Nick has 4 fire tokens, giving him some power.

I believe this is the week we see the final extinction Island challenge where the winner will earn their way back in to the game. Fanduel pretty much has the pricing right in line with my favorite options here as they have obviously taken in to account fire tokens/advantages and physical upside with their pricing here. Natalie, Tyson, Boston Rob are the chalk options here. I also like Wendell’s physical upside.


At this point things are going to be hard if you aren’t watching the show. Your gut is going to have to come in play. If you don’t watch, I suggest grabbing people with advantages (Idols & fire tokens) as your base.

Note: There are other random scoring opurtunities like: Bequeathed a Fire Token, Cries on cameral, catches a fish, finds an idol, etc. But I think you are better off concentrating on the things above then worrying about little things that are random and nearly impossible to predict (not every player gets camera time each week, not every week do they show fish being caught, fire token all depends on who gets sent home, etc.).

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