Fanduel Castaways DFS- Survivor Season 40 Episode 9 (FREE)

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Welcome back Survivor fans. Crazy enough, we are on the 4th week of Survivor Fanduel DFS. Last week we saw the Merge, where it becomes every player for themself and no more teams. In a season dominated by new school players, relationships are going to carry players at this point. Before we dig in to this weeks episodes, let’s take a look at some Survivor basics.

Note: Fun thing about this season is everyone playing is a former winner. With one winner winning literally 20 years ago! So everyone playing is really good at this game, making for, IMO, one of the best seasons to date.

Important Terms

Tribal Council- This is where players are voted out. Now that we have reached the merge, only the person who won the immunity challenge is safe from possible elimination.

Idol- An idol can be played at tribal council and will make the person immune from being voted out. All votes against that person (or the person the idol is played for) will no longer count. Most powerful tool in the game.

Fire Token- This is a new twist to the game and I personally love it. Tokens are essentially currency and can be used to “buy” certain advantages or luxuries in the game. It is a bit early on, but tokens are going to play a massive part of this season. The more a player has, the better for them.

Extinction Island- In this years season, when a player is voted out, they do not go home. Instead they go to “The Edge of Extinction” where they are given chances to earn Fire Tokens which will help them potentially win there way back in to the game. We have also seen multiple examples of someone here being able to “sell” a reward to a player currently in the game in return for a Fire Token.

The Players

With teams gone, let’s take a quick look at each player.

Sophie- In a tremendous spot. Sophie has an immunity Idol and 2 fire tokens. Cash/GPP play

Sarah- Sarah holds a “steal a vote” advantage and 1 fire token. This gives her the power to steal someones vote of her choosing and cast a 2nd vote of her own. The previews for this weeks episode showed some drama centered around Sarah. This could be the week she uses her advantage. Cash/GPP

Michele- Michele has 4 fire tokens. This puts her in a decent spot as fire tokens are going to start to show their importance the deeper we get in to the game. Cash/GPP

Jeremy- Jeremy was the winner of the first individual immunity challenge. Jeremy has the “safety without power advantage” & 2 fire tokens. This means he can leave tribal council if he gets an uneasy feeling. He won’t be able to cast a vote, but it is a great safety net. Cash/GPP

Denise- 2 fire tokens. Cash

Tony- 1 fire token. Cash

Ben- 1 fire token. Ben is known for his idol finding skills. Cash/GPP

Nick- 3 fire tokens. Cash/GPP

Kim- Kim has an immunity idol and 1 fire token. Kim remains dirt cheap for having an idol. Value Cash/GPP

Adam- 1 fire token. We mentioned Adam and Wendells sloppy game thus far going in to last week and we saw Wendell get voted out. The previews showed Adam in some drama again this week. Fade

Tyson- Tyson won his way back in to the game last week by literally seconds over Boston Rob. Tyson doesn’t have any advantages or fire tokens, but he is a physical threat. GPP

As anticipated, we saw an Extinction Island challenge last week in which we saw Tyson win his way back. Natalie and Boston Rob purchased Idols with their fire tokens last week but I don’t anticipate we see anything from the Island outside of fire token challenges for a few more weeks. If you play anybody here (they are the players shown with black logo’s), you are just punting. The $4 plays are the best options with that route. Though understand there is essentially no upside to that route.


Once again, the Merge means only 1 player will win immunity. We should start to see individual rewards go along with those wins now, in which case the winner typically gets to pick a few others to share the reward with. Once again you can target players with advantages as that provides some level of safety to them as well as potential points if they play those advantages. You can also take in to account physical ability in if you believe they can win the challenge or not. Typically we see individual immunity challenges be based on balance more so than strength. That way it is an even playing field. Because of this, I am personally looking at players with advantages as my starting point. Good luck!

Note: There are other random scoring opurtunities like: Bequeathed a Fire Token, Cries on cameral, catches a fish, finds an idol, etc. But I think you are better off concentrating on the things above then worrying about little things that are random and nearly impossible to predict (not every player gets camera time each week, not every week do they show fish being caught, fire token all depends on who gets sent home, etc.).

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