Fanduel Castaways DFS- Survivor Season 40 Season Finale (FREE)

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It’s Finale night! What an amazing season this has been and I thank those of you who have gone on this fun DFS ride with me. I have enjoyed getting to write about a show I enjoy and hopefully you all have enjoyed it. For tonight you are going to need to predict your winner and play them at captain. I also suggest predicting your winner from extinction island. At this point I assume you have all been reading along, so skip forward to the ending section.

Note: Fun thing about this season is everyone playing is a former winner. With one winner winning literally 20 years ago! So everyone playing is really good at this game, making for, IMO, one of the best seasons to date.

Important Terms

Tribal Council- This is where players are voted out. Now that we have reached the merge, only the person who won the immunity challenge is safe from possible elimination.

Idol- An idol can be played at tribal council and will make the person immune from being voted out. All votes against that person (or the person the idol is played for) will no longer count. Most powerful tool in the game.

Fire Token- This is a new twist to the game and I personally love it. Tokens are essentially currency and can be used to “buy” certain advantages or luxuries in the game. It is a bit early on, but tokens are going to play a massive part of this season. The more a player has, the better for them.

Extinction Island- In this years season, when a player is voted out, they do not go home. Instead they go to “The Edge of Extinction” where they are given chances to earn Fire Tokens which will help them potentially win there way back in to the game. We have also seen multiple examples of someone here being able to “sell” a reward to a player currently in the game in return for a Fire Token.

The Players

Sarah- Sarah has a strong alliance with Tony and Ben. Will she win if those 3 make it to the final 3?

Michele- Michele is the long shot here. The only way I see her winning the entire thing is if she orchestrates a huge move to eliminate a player like Tony or Ben.

Denise- Denise has a strong resume here and if she can break up the big 3, she can win.

Tony- Tony is my favorite to win. He has won multiple immunity challenges, has an idol and a strong trio alliance. If the other contestants let him make the final 3, I personally would vote for him due to the fact that he has orchestrated multiple late game moves the last few weeks of the show.

Ben- Ben has an idol, a strong trio alliance and is good at making fire. If he has to make fire to make the final 3, he is the favorite to do so. Like Sarah, you have to ask if you think his resume is strong enough. If he and Sarah are smart, they get rid of Tony.

The Rest- This week we see the final extinction island challenge where one player will return. For me I am trying to think, “If this player makes there way back in to the game, do they have a resume that gives them a shot to win?”. For me, that is a short list that includes: Natalie (been on the Island since day 1, but has dominated the Island challenges and the Jury will know that. Also has an idol), Tyson (already made his way back in to the game once. Making it twice would give him a selling point. Also has an idol) Jeremy/Nick (Both went deep enough in to the game that they have more of a resume then guys like Yul/Ethan/Etc.) Boston Rob (Rob is a long shot for me, but he does have an idol, a great shot at winning the challenge and 1 big move could give him instant resume). Keep in mind that the last time we saw extinction island, the player who returned at this point in the game, won the whole thing after pulling off one of the best moves in survivor history and throwing himself in the fire challenge where he took out the HUGE favorite.

Good luck and thank you again for following along!

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