Fanduel Castaways DFS- Survivor Season 40

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Well here is an article I certainly didn’t ever think I would be writing, but lucky for me, I am a Survivor fan! And lucky for you, I am going to share some insight in to this season as well as some strategy for tonight’s slate. Before we dig in, let’s take a very basic look at what this “Castaways” slate is.

In an effort to keep people coming back to Fanduel, they are offering a free slate for tonight’s episode of Survivor, “Winners At War” episode 6. If you have never watched Survivor before, then this will all seem foreign to you. To help with that, I am going to keep things pretty simple. Main thing you need to know about tonight’s slate is that there are 3 teams, Blue/Red/Green and a member from 2 of those teams will be voted out tonight. 1 team will win “immunity” in a physical and strategic game which will take place early on in the episode. The other teams will have to vote out a member of their own team. Let’s take a look at a team by team breakdown as well as what advantages players have. The teams have names but again, we will keep it simple and go with their teams colors.

Note: Fun thing about this season is everyone playing is a former winner. With one winner winning literally 20 years ago! So everyone playing is really good at this game, making for, IMO, one of the best seasons to date.

Important Terms

Tribal Council- This is where players are voted out. The losing team, or teams, are sent to tribal council where one player is voted out.

Idol- An idol can be played at tribal council and will make the person immune from being voted out. All votes against that person (or the person the idol is played for) will no longer count. Most powerful tool in the game.

Fire Token- This is a new twist to the game and I personally love it. Tokens are essentially currency and can be used to “buy” certain advantages or luxuries in the game. It is a bit early on, but tokens are going to play a massive part of this season. The more a player has, the better for them.

Extinction Island- In this years season, when a player is voted out, they do not go home. Instead they go to “The Edge of Extinction” where they are given chances to earn Fire Tokens which will help them potentially win there way back in to the game. We have also seen multiple examples of someone here being able to “sell” a reward to a player currently in the game in return for a Fire Token.

Team Blue

In last weeks episode the original tribes did a swap and went from 2 tribes to 3. This is accomplished by each player randomly drawing a team “buff” and whatever color you get is what team you are on. Team blue benefited from this swap and came away with a strong group, which showed when they took first place in last weeks immunity challenge. Let’s take a look at the team.

Parvati- Parv is a favorite and because of this, has had a target on her back. She was at the bottom of her tribe before the swap and was unlucky enough to once again be the minority in her new tribe. This doesn’t necessarily mean she is done for, as we saw in episode 5. But it certainly is in a less than ideal spot. The one good thing Parv has going is she is on a strong team who can potentially win tonight’s challenge and she also has 3 Fire Tokens. If Rob or Ethan are given a chance to “sell” Parv an idol, her tokens could save her tonight. She is risky, but the 3 fire tokens and some friends on Extinction Island make her a viable play.

Michelle- Like Parv, Michell is on the wrong side of the numbers in her tribe. She has no advantage and 1 Fire Token. She most likely does not have someone at Extinction Island who would “sell” her an advantage either. Fade play for me.

Nick- Nick has the numbers and is in a solid spot. He also has 2 Fire tokens and a strong team. Nick is a middle of the pack play.

Yul- Like Nick, Yul has the numbers on his side. 1 fire token. Needs Blue to win Immunity Challenge to be worth price tag.

WendellSame scenario as Yul. 1 Fire Token.

Nick, Yul and Wendell are sitting pretty with the numbers and a seemingly very tight alliance. They also looked very strong in the first team challenge. I wouldn’t play Michelle. Yul, Wendell and Nick would need their teams to win as none currently hold any sort of advantage. Parvati has the best shot of pulling something off that would get her random points, but she is risky.

Team Red

The Red team is an interesting team. The trio of Tony, Sandra and Kim technically have the numbers but Kim is in a position to flip. Red got 2nd in last weeks challenge but also have the weakest player in the game in Sandra (though she may not have to participate if a member is forced to sit to make teams even).

Jeremy- Despite technically not having the numbers and being on a team with a physical disadvantage in the challenges, Jeremy is still the most expensive player on the slate. This is because Jeremy holds a unique advantage in his pocket. He has the power to essentially skip tribal council if his team loses and he choses to do so. This puts him in a solid position but from a DFS perspective, using an advantage does not score as many points as a hidden immunity idol. Jeremy has 1 fire token and is a relatively safe play.

Denise- Like Jeremy, Denise is technically on the wrong side of the numbers. Denise does have a few things in her favor though. Denise holds an immunity idol and 2 fire tokens, making her a valid play.

Tony- Tony sits on the right side of the numbers, but as I mentioned above, I think Kim can easily flip here. Tony has 1 Fire Token. I am not interested in Tony here.

Sandra- Like Tony, technically on the right side of the numbers. But again, she is certainly far from safe here. She does have an immunity idol but 0 fire tokens. If she plays things right, she should be safe.

Kim- Kim is the “swing vote” here. Which is a powerful spot to be. Jeremy and Denise recognize that Kim is on the fence and Tony and Sandra understand the same. As a bonus, Kim does have an idol and 1 Fire Token. I like this spot for Kim as she holds a lot of power and I can easily see her panicking and playing the idol.

Red going to tribal tonight could lead to fireworks. 4 of the 5 members hold an idol or an advantage while they have a true swing vote in the mix as well.

Team Green

The losers of last weeks immunity challenge, Green is down 1 player compared to the other 2 and the team is split right down the middle numbers wise. The girls hold the power here though.

Sarah- Sarah has one of the best advantages in the game in the “steal a vote” advantage. If played, she can literally cancel out a players vote and cast a 2nd one herself. Allowing her to swap the numbers. Sarah has 0 fire tokens. Overall Sarah should be safe here if she plays things right, making her a viable play.

Sophie– Sophie and Sarah have formed an alliance and are in a sold spot. As mentioned above, Sarah has an advantage. Add to that the fact that Sophie has an Idol and these 2 are holding the cards. She also holds 1 Fire token. Like Sarah, Sophie should be a safe play here assuming she doesn’t completely botch things.

Ben & Adam- Both have 1 fire token. Not a fan of this spot for either.

On paper team green is split right down the middle. But Ben & Adam haven’t gotten along this season and the girls hold an idol and steal a vote. They hold all the cards here. Decent chance one of the boys go home here if they go to Tribal.

Team Black

You will notice on Fanduel that the bottom of the players list features a few players with black flags. These players have been voted out and are on Extinction Island. I have 0 interest in any of them with the exception of Natalie.

Natalie– Natalie was the first player to go home and has dominated the challenges on the Island, earning herself 4 Fire Tokens. If this is the week they run a challenge allowing a player from the Island to return from the game, Natalie is in the best position to purchase an advantage and potentially win her way back in to the game. She makes for a very risky play as we have absolutely no way of knowing if this is the week they run a challenge to allow a member of extinction island to return.


Obviously there is a good bit of luck here. You either need your players to: win the challenge( giving them a solid floor score), play an idol, play an advantage or worst case, simply survive elimination. I would be trying to avoid players with little to no advantages and on the wrong side of the numbers. Hope this helps and good luck! (If you haven’t watched Survivor, give it a chance. It honestly is a really fun and entertaining show)

There are other random scoring opurtunities like: Bequeathed a Fire Token, Cries on cameral, catches a fish, finds an idol, etc. But I think you are better off concentrating on the things above then worrying about little things that are random and nearly impossible to predict (not every player gets camera time each week, not every week do they show fish being caught, fire token all depends on who gets sent home, etc.).

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