Fanduel Single Game One Off 5/24

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We have a loan early game today at 2:20 between the Reds and Cubs, in Chicago. Lets dive in!

*We will repost this image once both teams have released their lineups!

One thing you notice immediately is Chicago Lefties. They have far and away the top matchup in this game and are a priority. Rizzo and Schwarber should find themselves both in the top 3 and both are viable captain plays. Outside of the Chicago lefties, everything else is pretty even. As you can see, there are 5 players below the Chicago lefties who stand out for their elite power (over .200 ISO). I would make these my next priorities as you always want home run upside! (Winker/Suarez/Dietrich/Baez/Puig)

Next lets take a quick look at the history of both teams against the opposing pitchers. Please always take bvp (batter vs. pitcher) with a grain of salt. I look at it as a tie breaker or to see if any players jump off the page. But it isn’t a stat I put a ton of weight on unless the sample size is decent and/or the history is too glaring one way or the other to ignore.

Lastly lets see if any batters stand out from a pitch perspective from either team. 

Hendricks has a 4.04 xFIP and doesn’t give up much hard or medium contact. To righties, he relies almost exclusively on a fastball sinker, throwing it 68% with a change up at 24%. Against lefties, he throws his change up 38% and an 87 mph fastball 29%. 

For Reds bats, Joey Votto stands out with a crazy .642 wOBA and .818 ISO against fastballs less than 88 mph (very very small sample size). No surprise he has huge history against Hendricks considering those numbers. 

On the flip side, DeSclafani has a 4.22 xFIP and gives up a decent amount of hard contact at 43%. To lefties, he throws a 93 mph fastball 45% with a slider at 25%. To righties, he leans more on the slider at 38% with a sinker and fastball around 30% each.

For Cubs bats, Lefties Schwarber and Rizzo check in with ISO’s over .200 against 92-94 mph fastballs and Rizzo with a .213 ISO against the slider as well. For Cubs righties, Baez and Contreras hit 92-94 mph fastballs but just average against DeSclafani’s other pitches. 

Good luck!



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