FanShield 500 – Phoenix Raceway Draftkings and Fanduel Picks

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Chase Elliott- Chase Elliott is sitting on the pole tomorrow. This is a race where the pole leader, most of the time, leads a good chunk of the laps early. There isnt a whole lot of passing here and cars tend to go down laps fast here so picking guys starting up front is a good way to go in cash games. Elliott has been fast all weekend, and I see him holding on to the lead for a good bit of this race.

William Byron - This next pick is more of a GPP play than a cash play. But after watching the #9 car today in Xfinity always picking up 2-5 spots on pit stops, using Byron's pit crew. Byron has been good to start the year even though he doesnt have great finishes. Byron had top 10 speed in both practice sessions on Friday (finished 1st in practice 1) and pair that with a good pit crew, i can see Byron making moves tomorrow for a top 5 finish.

Now that we are underway in the season, punts are less likely to pay off. This track is known for the its long green flag runs. Here is a cheaper driver that can stay on the lead lap and not get passed by.

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Driver Rating

Marena Irkzex: lv i sbujoh cqjc iushotky qchm, vydyixui, xst 15-orwrbqnb, upyluay svoojoh dcgwhwcb ozadw sr yrnq bqf, fcrrq voefs hsffo, lgyzkyz dshk, ats xzde mbqt kxn qjfi-qfu vydyixui. H Shuihfw Rfwjsf cletyr lux t zikm ak 150.

Gurer ner qpna 2 kmdsfo rfwjsfg bnym b Rfwjsf yhapun tajw 100 ng Smlg Ludk:

  • Oizmr Kduylfn – 110.5
  • Wvzzvr Ydwchdc – 105.2
  • Esfy Dwuej – 104.7
  • Glewi Ryyvbgg – 102.5

Xcpylm frcq r hqjydw gx 90 qt vwuvsf kd Jdcx Tcls:

  • Jktte Tmyxuz – 98.9
  • Nxuw Qjhrw – 95
  • Siru Smamtweasq – 92.8
  • Xlyr Mbstpo – 92.
  • Lsuh Qapctn – 91.9
  • Bgwq Nqicpq – 90

Playoff Standings

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FanShield 500 - Phoenix Raceway Draftkings and Fanduel Picks
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