FREE FanDuel Horse Racing (04/26)

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FanDuel is running a FREE Fantasy Horse Racing contest- the $1K Gulfstream Park Full Stable FREE Play. Post time is 12:55 pm and we have 11 races today
Horse racing is new to the DFS world so here is a quick breakdown of the scoring so you can get in on the action:
The top 4 horses in each race accumulate points:
F (Fourth)- 0.75 pts
S (Show- 3rd place)- 2 pts
P (Place- 2nd place)- 3 pts
W (Win)- 5 pts
You get an overall salary of $23 to use over all 11 races today at Gulfstream Park. The horse salaries range from $3 (big favorites) to $1 (longshots) and you pick one horse each race. No betting. No exactas. No Picks 6’s. Just simple “pick your horse” style. Easy enough? Let’s get to the top picks of the slate:
Note- Due to FanDuel scoring some of these horses are not favorites. If you are betting on the races today check out our Solutions Six article- the top 6 horses to bet to win on today’s races.

Gulfstream Park CORE-

Remaining races (horses only in numerical order):
Race 6- 1/3/4/5/7
Race 8- 2/3/4/6/7
Race 11- 1/4/5/7/9

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Nby cxy 4 lsvwiw mr fbdi ajln hjjbtbshal tsmrxw:

Y (Oxdacq)- 0.75 xba

V (Etai- 3zl cynpr)- 2 txw

E (Zvkmo- 2y…

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